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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports Nov. 18
crime reports


· Stephen Earl Lightsey, Long Acre Road – aggravated assault, criminal trespass, theft by taking and battery (family violence)

· Bradley Miller, Old River Road – possession of firearms by convicted felons and first offenders, possession and use of drug related objects and driving while license suspended

· Jordan Kimble, Highway 21 – possession of marijuana less than one ounce and falsifying proof of insurance

· Sandchez White, Highway 17 – failure to maintain lane and driving under the influence of alcohol

· Brian Burns, Elbert Arnsdorff Road – battery (family violence)

· Max Lowry, Earl Lain Road – criminal damage to property and simple battery (family violence)

· Gregory Roberson, Midland Road – wanted person (warrant service)


· Foxbow Drive – A woman stated that she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend over two duffle bags.

· Central Avenue – A woman advised that her dog bit her on the nose and face while she was petting it.

· Lake Tomacheechee Road – A woman stated that she was bitten on the right thigh by a pack of dogs.

· Sparrow Lane – A woman stated that her girlfriend had been involved in a large public physical fight.

· Pryia Court – A woman stated that she had gotten into a dispute with a male acquaintance over their living conditions.

· Del A Ray Circle – A man stated that he got into a physical altercation with his stepfather over an unknown issue.

· Highway 21 – A man stated that he accidently hit a traffic cone with his vehicle while driving down the road.

· Burnt Tree Drive – A man stated that someone had been threatening his life and his family’s lives via text messages.

· Highway 80 – A man stated that an unknown person stole three tires from his place of business sometime during the night.

· Deerfield Road East – A man stated that an unknown individual stole some items out of a piece of property he had up for sale.

· Morgan Cemetery Road – A woman stated that a male acquaintance had violated a restraining order that she had on him.

· Fair Street – A woman stated that someone ran over her mailbox with their vehicle in the early morning hours.

· Amnosia Circle – A woman stated that her former boyfriend had entered her home without her permission.

· High Point Drive – A woman stated that her boyfriend left with her truck without her permission.

· Highway 80 – Two women were found to have methamphetamine and other drug related objects in their possession.

· Withlacoochee Avenue – A man stated that he discovered a lost wallet in the bed of his truck while at a store.

· Darlington Circle – A man stated that he paid an electrical worker to do some contract work that was never completed.

· Ottis Seckinger Road – A disabled vehicle was spotted to have been abandoned halfway in the roadway.

· Bay Lane – A woman stated that her young daughter called her crying because she hurt her finger.

· Highway 80 – A woman stated that she was scammed out of over $2000 by a man who claimed to be with the sheriff’s office.

· Springfield Egypt Road – A couple stated that their air conditioning unit exploded and started a fire outside of their house.

· Beecher Road – A man stated that members of a local hunting club were flying drones around his place of residence.

· Sandhill Road – A man stated that he was being harassed and threatened by an acquaintance via social media.

· Courthouse Road – A woman stated that an unknown person attempted to use her name to file an unemployment claim.