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Effingham soldier, Winston Hencely, injured in Afghanistan

Winston Hencely, a 2014 graduate of Effingham County High School and a soldier in the United States Army stationed in Afghanistan, was injured Saturday when a suicide bomber ignited an explosion at Bagram Airfield.

The explosion killed four Americans (two contractors and two service members) and injured 16 other US service members and one Polish soldier.

Bagram Airfield is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan and is maintained by the Combined Joint Task Force 1st Calvary Division.

Hencely’s mother, Vicki Hencely, stated on Facebook that Winston had taken shrapnel to his head, chest, and left side of his body and was put into a medically induced coma by doctors to give his body time to heal.

On Monday, Hencely’s sister, Ivey Hencely, shared the following message: “(Winston) was transported to Germany for more treatment and surgeries but we ask of everyone to please keep him in your prayers and to pray for everyone else during this hard time. My brother is in critical condition in the ICU and we are having to fly to Germany to see him.”

Monday night, Vicki Hencely shared the following update on Facebook: “I would first like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and love for my soldier and our family. I spoke with his doctor earlier and he has had more surgery and is still on life support and in critical condition, although he is responding to minor commands. Wiggle your toes, squeeze my hand, and his pupils are responding to light! He had a fever and is on antibiotics and is still being closely monitored by some of the best caregivers on the planet! He is a fighter! That’s all I know right now and will try my best to keep you all updated.”

Vicki Hencely added that she has had people from all over the United States reach out to her to send prayers and support.

As of the deadline for this edition of the newspaper, no other updates had been given.