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Fire chiefs traffic case moved to Chatham state court
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The traffic violations case for the Rincon fire chief is being moved to Chatham County state court.

Corey Rahn, who was charged with three citations by the Port Wentworth Police Department as he rushed to an incident scene, hasn’t been given a date for his proceedings in the new venue. His case was moved from Port Wentworth Municipal Court last week.

Rahn faces charges of reckless driving, failure to yield to emergency vehicles and failure to exercise due care, following his efforts to get to an accident in Rincon that took him through Port Wentworth. Rahn was responding to a collision between a garbage truck and a tanker truck on Highway 21 near Patriots Drive.

A tanker truck was carrying nearly 9,000 gallons of fuel and was hit by a garbage truck at 45 mph. The two vehicles became fused together, and the garbage truck driver was trapped inside.

Adding to the potential dangers were nearby overhead transmission lines and an adjacent natural gas pipeline.

Rahn was in Pooler when the alert about the accident was broadcast. He headed toward Effingham County, but his vehicle wasn’t equipped with emergency lights, with only amber safety lights.

Rincon officials have supported Rahn in his case.