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Girls Scouts examine NASA telescope program
Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia participants end the program with the traditional Friendship Circle and the singing of Make New Friends,

Members of Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia are taking a “First Look” with NASA through its James Webb Space Telescope program, which will be presented in each of the council’s six regions until Oct. 7.

Girls in the Savannah region took part in the program Aug. 27 at the GIRL Center in Savannah. The program allows girls the opportunity to view images from space, learn how the telescope was put together and participate in fun space-themed activities. They built rockets and launched them, learned how to use an infrared scope to find hidden objects and discovered how the heat shield and reflecting mirrors work  

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Aubree Worley
Aubree Worley of Effingham County’s Troop 30197 designs a heat shield to prevent a Hershey's Kiss from melting when put under the heat of a hair dryer.