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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Manna House seeking volunteers

For the past four months, we have held drive-through food distributions at Manna House.  

There have been 14 distributions and we have served more than 4,500 cars with more than 500,000 pounds of food.  We have had businesses, churches and individuals to donate time, food and money to help keep this ministry functioning each week.  We cannot express our gratitude enough to all the supporters in fighting hunger in our community.  Our donation center and thrift store are still closed at this time. 

Each week ,it has been amazing seeing new faces and groups volunteering.  A total of 156 new volunteers have clocked in more than 1,000 hours during this time.  Many of these were businesses or groups volunteering and they have returned back to work or school and can no longer help.  Our regular volunteers have not been able to return to work as some are still fearful of getting out and concerns of Covid-19.  

We are reaching out to the community for volunteer opportunities for you or your group to give a day to help fight hunger.  

The next drive distributions will be held on Wednesday, July 22 and July 29.  Job duties will be helping with traffic, loading cars or carts, registration, and set up/ clean up support.  Arrive before 8:30 a.m.  Distribution time will be 9:00 am- noon.  Cars will line up at Macomber Ball Park for registration and proceed to Manna House. 

We will still need volunteers that are NOT susceptible to Covid-19 and not at risk with age or health issues.   Everyone will still be required to practice social distancing and also wearing a mask and gloves. 

If you or your group is interested in volunteering simply email or contact us at (912) 665-1985. As we still navigate through the CDC guidelines and Covid increase spread, we covet your prayers for this ministry.  We would love to allow you to partner with us in fighting hunger in our future through distributions. Schedule your volunteering today!  

Another great way to get involved is to sponsor a food distribution- send a check to P.O. Box 633 Rincon or visit our website and donate!  This is a great form of public relations and advertising!  Sponsors can volunteer at the event, hang banners, pass out items, and use social media and other media outlets to announce the event.  

For more information please visit our website at or give us a call at (912) 665-1985

Please spread the word of upcoming food drive distributions.  

Lisa Bush

Manna House Ministries executive diretor