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New title but same duties for theater director
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It’s a new job title for Tommy Deadwyler, but the duties aren’t changing.

Springfield City Council members voted to change the position of Mars Theatre director to director of cultural affairs, bringing it more in line with its future projected responsibilities.

“It paints a better picture of what we’re trying to do here in Springfield,” said City Manager Brett Bennett. “It’s not confined to the walls of the theater.”

Council members discussed the nature of the position and its title at their last meeting, and they had a lengthy discussion earlier  about the role of theater director and expanding it to include downtown development.

“This person has to realize the big picture,” Bennett said, “and this title change is a reflection of that.”

Bennett also said the city should use the culture of its downtown — especially its history, including the Effingham Museum and Living History Site and the Historic Courthouse — to help promote downtown development.

“When you approach corporate organizations, it’s a much more professional, encompassing title for what we’re trying to do in Springfield,” Bennett said.

At a council meeting in June, council members stressed they wanted to make sure the Mars Theatre was a viable entity before having the person in that job undertake other duties.

“I am much happier with it now,” said Mayor Barton Alderman.