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Pitney draws comparisons to country greats
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Mo Pitney, a native of Illinois, started playing the drums when he was six years old. He added the guitar to his repertoire at 12. - photo by Submitted

SPRINGFIELD — Even though he is only 25 years old, Mo Pitney's singing style is in perfect harmony with country music's giants.
Three-time Grammy Award winner Linda Davis recently called him "the current Alan Jackson, the current George Strait."
Pitney sings about what is dear to him — faith, family and patriotism. He focuses on his love of the outdoors, too.
"I definitely love all those things," Pitney said during a recent telephone interview with the Effingham Herald.
Along with Davis and Billy Dean, Pitney is set to appear in the "Heart Behind the Music: Songwriter Showcase" at the Mars Theatre on Aug. 17.
Pitney's musical preferences are in tune with Davis and Dean's even though he is their junior by 30 years. His songs are quite different than many of the ones that dominate air time on country radio stations today.
"They style of music that I play — mostly because is was what my dad had lying around the house as far as CDs, tapes and records go — gives me the ability to connect with them in a way that probably most people wouldn't," Pitney said.

See the July 4 edition of the Effingham Herald for more details.