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Purcell named to State Transportation Board
Ann Purcell photo Web
Ann Purcell, center, was named, recently, to the executive leadership team of the State Transportation Board. Robert L. Brown, Jr., left, was named chairman and Jamie Boswell, right, was named vice chairman. - photo by Special

        Rincon’s Ann Purcell was elected last week the State Transportation Board to its new executive leadership team.
        Robert L. Brown, Jr. was named chairman, Jamie Boswell was named vice chairman, and Purcell was named secretary. The new positions are effective immediately. Board elections are held annually to ensure that all regions of the state are represented at the executive leadership level.
        Board Secretary Purcell is a community and civic leader who represents the 1st Congressional District. She was elected to the board in 2013. Purcell is chair of the Finance Committee and serves on four other committees. Purcell served 18 years in the Georgia House of Representatives. She is a graduate of Georgia Southern College.
        Brown, of Decatur, has served on the board for 11 years and represents Georgia’s 4th Congressional District. He is a business, community and civic leader; a registered architect; president and CEO of an architectural and construction management firm; and a graduate of Tuskegee University.
        Most recently he was board vice chairman and served on five committees. He also previously served as board secretary. As chairman, Brown will serve as ex officio member of all committees.
        Brown replaces Emily Dunn of Blue Ridge, the State Transportation Board’s first female chair.
        Dunn represents the 9th Congressional District. During her tenure, Georgia DOT significantly increased its focus on routine maintenance due to funding resulting from the Transportation Funding Act of 2015. She was also the catalyst for Georgia DOT’s GED Scholarship Program to provide free classes and educational resources for employees preparing for the GED exam. There are currently 26 employees participating in the program.
        “This is a great board and Emily was a terrific chairperson,” Brown said. “I am excited about my new role and look forward to continuing to work with my fellow board members, Commissioner (Russell) McMurry, Georgia DOT leadership and the rest of the GDOT team. We have seen much activity with the funding from the TFA and there are many good things to accomplish in the future of transportation for the people of Georgia.”
        Vice Chairman Jamie Boswell of Athens represents the 10th Congressional District. He was elected to the board in 2013 and most recently was board secretary. Boswell serves on five committees and previously chaired the Property Utilization Committee. He is a business and civic leader; president and owner of a group of insurance, real estate and appraisal companies; and a graduate of the University of Georgia.