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Rincon OKs sale of land bought in new station purchase
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Rincon City Council has approved sales contracts on surplus land that was part of its purchase for a new fire station.

Rincon bought 66 acres off McCall and Blue Jay roads in September 2013. The tract eventually was annexed into the city. The city also donated 4.5 acres to the county to be used for a connector to a north-south corridor.

“The land was an excellent location for a fire station and already had a building that could easily be renovated for a manned station,” said

City Manager Wesley Corbitt. “Rincon worked with the county to annex the property, and to provide a fire station that would greatly improve the fire protection and lower insurance premiums for residents within five miles of the station.”

As a result of the original purchase and the work with the county, the new fire station has enhanced fire protection for Rincon’s service district, according to Corbitt.

“The new station, along with other improvement, was recently rewarded with the improved ISO class of 3, from the previous class 4,” he said.

“This new class will take effect beginning Sept. 1 and will provide thousands of dollars of savings for residents and businesses in the Rincon fire district. Due to the foresight of city council and its administration to invest in this property for a public service, we have been able to provide this improved service and protection at a very low cost to the residents of Rincon and the county.”

“We’re happy to have that,” Rincon Fire Chief Corey Rahn said of the new ISO rating. “A lot of hard work went into that.”

For about 2,500 homes, insurance rates could be reduced by as much two-thirds.

“That really is a big deal,” said Council member Paul Wendelken. “It wasn’t that long ago we were a (ISO) 6.”

The city’s 3/3X ISO classification is an “excellent, excellent rate,” Corbitt said.

The city spent $495,000, with $365,000 on the land and building and $130,000 on the renovation. The sale price from the auction agreed to was $429,000.

“The city of Rincon has provided a much-needed fire station that would usually carry a price tag of $500,000 for an actual net cost of $66,000,” Corbitt said. “The city is proud of this achievement and wanted to make citizens of the city and the county aware that we are diligent in our efforts to improve services in the most economical manner. Though some accused the city of being in the land speculative business when we made the purchase, hopefully they will now see we are working to improve public service in a business-like manner.”