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Savannah Technical College announces Spring 2024 Dean’s List
Jeri Newsome
Early Childhood Care & Education student Jeri Newsome stands with her husband, Robby Newsome, at Savannah Technical College’s National Technical Honor Society chapter induction ceremony. She is one of 355 students on STC’s Spring 2024 dean’s list. (Submitted photo.)

Special to the Herald

SAVANNAH – Savannah Technical College recognized 355 students for excellence in academics for the Spring 2024 Dean’s List. To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 GPA and have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours (or full-time) for that semester. These students represent 28.5% of the full-time students for Spring 2024.

Early Childhood Care and Education student Jeri Newsome was recently inducted into STC’s chapter of National Technical Honor Society. Earlier this year she won gold in the Customer Service competition for SkillsUSA Georgia and will compete at SkillsUSA nationals this summer. She’s been the owner of Scholastic Minds Academy in Savannah for more than eight years. She loves kids and says, “Early childhood is my passion.” Her mom was a teacher for 30 years, and Newsome is excited to follow in her mom’s footsteps as an educator. Even with a successful business, she decided to go back to school to complete an associate’s degree and eventually a bachelor’s degree in education.

The Spring 2024 Dean's List students are:


·        Amber Abasta (Phlebotomy Technician)

·        Christopher Aceves (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Chelsea Akahi (Business Management Diploma)

·        Grayson Allen (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Megan Allen (Culinary Baking/Pastry Arts AAS)

·        Jason Allman (Aircraft Assembly Technician)

·        Preston Allred (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Carlos Almeida Sampaio (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Amber Amory (Business Management Degree)

·        Mason Anderson (Precision Machining & Manufacturing)

·        Tyechia Andrews (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Julio Arrieta (Electrical Technology)

·        Lavey Austin (Early College Essentials)

·        Alexander Bagnall (A.S. Information Technology)

·        Tameka Baker (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

·        Caleb Baldinelli (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Trecia Baldwin (Technical Studies)

·        Bella Banker (Early College Essentials)

·        Ernest Barela (Construction Management Degree)

·        Pamela Barfield (Business Technology Degree)

·        Fiore Barile (Business Management Degree)

·        NyJeria Barnes (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Ismael Barrera (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Rashida Belk (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Christian Bello (Health Care Science)

·        Sadie Bennett (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Demone Blackman (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Heather Bonham (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Anthony Bonheur (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Walter Boone (Basic POST Certification)

·        Timmesha Bostick (Health Care Assistant)

·        Stephanie Bourgeois (Marketing Management Degree)

·        Karis Boyett (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Dustin Briggs (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Christon Brooks (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Levi Broughman (Early College Essentials)

·        Caleb Brown (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Khalid Brown (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Shakeria Brown (Health Care Science)

·        Tina Brown-Foley (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Ian Bruker (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Kamrin Bryant (Business Management Degree)

·        Darrell Bryant (Aircraft Assembly Technician)

·        Lesline Buchanan (Medical Coding/Insurance Data)

·        Garrett Buckley (Paramedicine Degree)

·        Luke M Burns (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Ashley Burress (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Lashae Butler (Medical Front Office Assistant)

·        Hannah Card (Health Care Assistant)

·        Bela Carroll (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Eric Cason (Health Care Assistant)

·        Savannah Castle (Business Management Degree)

·        Deborah Casto (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)

·        Jadiel Cespedes Torres (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Nicole Cherrett (Surgical Technology Degree)

·        Jordan Christy (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Victoria Chung (Culinary Baking/Pastry Arts AAS)

·        Carlee Claybrook (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Danielle Clayton (Networking Specialist Degree)

·        Seresa Cohen (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Mark Cole (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Charles Coleman (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Rodrigus Coleman (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Xavier Colette (Electrical Technology)

·        Christopher Collins (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Cheryl Cook (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Gabrielle Cooper (Business Management Degree)

·        Jeffrey Cordero (Barbering)

·        Madison Craighead (Drafting Diploma)

·        Woodrow Crosby (Historic Preservation and Restoration)

·        Caitlin Crumbley (Health Care Assistant)

·        Hector Cruz Delgado (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Bruce Cushman (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Amari Daniels (Technical Studies)

·        Ian Darby (Business Management Degree)

·        Matthew Davenport (Construction Management Degree)

·        Tina Davis (Culinary Arts Diploma)

·        Angel Davis (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Mario Dean (Air Conditioning Electrical Technician)

·        Jerome Delaney (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Brandy Delasbour (Business Management Degree)

·        Myliasse Delucia (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Nasha Denson (Surgical Technology Degree)

·        Nelson Diaz (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Damaris Diaz Castillo (Culinary Baking/Pastry Arts AAS)

·        Arlie Dipolito (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Saleena Dodson (Health Care Assistant)

·        Calvin Dogger (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Phillip Dove (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Chase Ducre (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Rachael Dunbar (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Lindsey Duncan (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Allison Duncan (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Madison Edwards (Business Management Degree)

·        Moraya Eldridge (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Brenden Eldridge (Electrical Utility Technology Degree)

·        Grayson Elliott (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Tina Ellis (Phlebotomy Technician)

·        Tenika Elmore (Health Care Assistant)

·        Donell Evans (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Brenda Feliciano (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Deondra Fields (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Jessica Fields (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Michael Finger (Aircraft Structural Technol)

·        Debanhi Flores (A.S. Information Technology)

·        William Flores (Air Conditioning Electrical Technician)

·        Samantha-Brooke Freeman (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Connor Frick (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Mark Fuchs (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Samantha Furlong (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Anthony Gamble (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Jimmy Garcia (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Isaiah Gardner (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Brooke Gilder (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Parks Girardeau (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Jeshua Grach (Technical Studies)

·        Destiny Graham (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Haley Grajiola (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Nevaeh Green (Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder)

·        Unique Green (A.S. Information Technology)

·        Raphael Greene (Logistics and Supply Chain)

·        William Greenwood (Technical Studies)

·        Robert Gwin (Air Conditioning Electrical Technician)

·        Charkera Hanna (Health Care Assistant)

·        Steven Harden (Construction Management Degree)

·        Hayley Hardnett (Early College Essentials)

·        Kristyn Harrelson (Accounting Degree)

·        Landan Harris (Culinary Baking/Pastry Arts AAS)

·        Justin Harris (Aviation Maintenance AAS)

·        Patrick Hart (Construction Management Degree)

·        Benjamin Hart (Electrical Technology)

·        Jeremy Hartman (Electrical Technology)

·        Genevieve Hassan (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Victoria Hawes (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Edward Hayes (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Avery Hendricks (Dental Hygiene)

·        Erick Hernandez (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Diana Hernandez (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Braydenn Hess (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

·        Rumony Hicks (Health Care Assistant)

·        Chasiti Hills (Health Care Assistant)

·        Brandi Hines (Early College Essentials)

·        Christina Hisler (Construction Management Degree)

·        Chi Hoang (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Kyle Hosey (Vertical Shielded Metal Arc)

·        Jahniya Hutchinson (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Tristen Ingram (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Alex Ipsen (Precision Machining & Manufacturing)

·        Ingrid Jackson (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)

·        Nevaeh James (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Taylor Jarrell (Surgical Technology Degree)

·        Mason Jenkins (Early College Essentials)

·        Opollo Johnson (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Makiah Johnson (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Aliyah Jones-Ruhl (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Annande Kadanga (Automotive Technology Dipl)

·        Arden Kaluza (Electrical Technology)

·        Kiale Kehoe (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Mia Keith (Early Childhood Care/Education Diploma)

·        Jacob Kendrick (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Adam Khalil (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Penina Kiruy (Health Care Assistant)

·        Courtney Knight (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Anna Knight (Basic POST Certification)

·        Jacob Koshinski (Barbering)

·        Haley Krafft (Surgical Technology Degree)

·        Margaret Kubil (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Klem Kucherin (Electrical Technology)

·        Zachery Kuehn (Precision Manufacturing)

·        Jayla Ladson (Health Care Assistant)

·        Tyson Lasota (Technical Studies)

·        Bismar Lechado (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Mindy Lechuga Nevarez (EMS Professions)

·        Robert Lewis (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Monet Lewis (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Sha'ron Lewis (Business Management Degree)

·        Luigi Lockhart (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Omar Lopez Luna (Electrical Technology)

·        Alexander Lopez-Acuna (Construction Management Diploma)

·        Robert Luken (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Joshua Lunsford (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Ashley Marks (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Joscelyn Marriott (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Jakayla Massey (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Christopher Maultsby (Barbering)

·        Tonja Maultsby (Hair Designer)

·        Ryan McCallum (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Wyatt McCart (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Angel McCollum (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)

·        Amelia McCullough (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Mary McDonald (Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Degree)

·        Ronald McElhaney (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Scott McGinnity (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Kashaunie McKenzie (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Tina McKinnon (Health Care Assistant)

·        Surrennia McNeill (Human Resource Management Specialist)

·        Wesley Mearse (EMS Professions)

·        Luis Medina (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Kynnedy Melendez (Early College Essentials)

·        Gelina Melograno (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Arianna Mendoza (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Brooklyn Meyer (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Montrez Middleton (Business Management Degree)

·        Kayla Miller (Health Care Assistant)

·        Christina Miller (Technical Studies)

·        Garcia Milton (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Alexiss Mitchell (Health Care Assistant)

·        Sidney Mitchell (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Myranda Mobley (Health Care Assistant)

·        Leen Mol (Air Conditioning Electrical Technician)

·        Michael Moore (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Jordynn Moore (Aircraft Assembly Technician)

·        Jordan Moore (Historic Preservation and Restoration)

·        Joe Moore (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Makayla Moore (Surgical Technology Degree)

·        Azea Morgan (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Amariah Moultrie (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Jarrod Murphy (Industrial Maintenance Assist)

·        Myia Natson-Green (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Jeri Newsome (Early Childhood Care/Education Degree)

·        Joel Newton (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Dao Nguyen (Business Management Degree)

·        Wiselande Noel (Accounting Degree)

·        Gerardo Noguera (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Larraine Oakes (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Elizabethe O'Donnell (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Mark Odum (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Mikell Ogle (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Brittany Oldham (Health Care Assistant)

·        Melissa Olson (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Chantell Ormsby (Health Care Assistant)

·        Natalia Ortiz Gonzalez (Culinary Baking/Pastry Arts AAS)

·        Robert Osterman (Accounting Degree)

·        Shakira Owens (Health Care Assistant)

·        Paul Panas (Drafting Degree)

·        Vaibhav Pardeshi (Business Management Degree)

·        Christopher Parker (Construction Management Degree)

·        Jordan Parker (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Adia Parks (Health Care Science)

·        Nadia Parland (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Tristian Patrick (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Daniel Peavy (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Carson Perry (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Caden Phillips (Construction Management Degree)

·        Kory Philmon (Vertical Shielded Metal Arc)

·        Olivia Piatt (Health Care Science)

·        Crystal Porter (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Lindsay Poythress (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

·        Brenden Pracht (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Jackson Price (Auto Engine Performance Technician)

·        Carl Denver Punzalan (Accounting Degree)

·        Miley Rahn (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Scott Rasplicka (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Madison Reed (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Jeremiah Regalado-Young (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Mariah Reyes-Howard (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Cayla Rhyner (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Jamara Richardson (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Ethan Riley (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Joel Rivera (Automotive Technology Diploma)

·        Aliyah Robinson (Medical Assisting Diploma)

·        Angeleic Rodgers (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Kimberly Rodriguez (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Jordyn Rogers (Salon and Spa Support)

·        Kurt Romano (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Amy Romero (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Rebecka Roy (Health Care Assistant)

·        Madison Rutledge (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Stephanie Sampson (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Colin Sanders (Technical Specialist)

·        Justin Sanguily (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Jafet Santana (Construction Management Diploma)

·        Serrena Santiago (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Aaron Sather (Automotive Fundamentals)

·        Savannah Saunders (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Allan Scheurer (Business Management Degree)

·        Christian Scholar (Aviation Maintenance Tech Diploma)

·        Antonio Scott (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Ebonique Seaton (Early Childhood Care/Education Diploma)

·        Robert Seckinger (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Stephen Sherman (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Braylin Shields (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Craig Showers (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Tamia Shumpert (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Julia Silva (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Aidan Simich (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Gabrielle Simmons (Culinary Arts Degree)

·        Terrion Simon (Barbering)

·        Mariana Sistos Barron (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Zachery Sitton (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Megan Slaughter (Cybersecurity Degree)

·        Sharon Smiley (Business Technology Diploma)

·        Cory Smiley (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Lawrence Smith (Cybersecurity Certificate)

·        Tyson Speaks (Aircraft Assembly Technician)

·        Dallas Spencer (Early College Essentials)

·        Tamia Spencer (Health Care Assistant)

·        Julles Spruill (Electrical Technology)

·        Kenneth Stappert (Electrical Technology)

·        Darienne Stembridge (Cybersecurity Diploma)

·        Danielle Sterling (Health Care Science)

·        Corina Stewart (Marketing Management Degree)

·        Ashley Stokes (Dental Assisting Diploma)

·        Luke Strange (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Ethan Sykes (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Marquis Taylor (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Elana Taylor (Barbering)

·        Tavaris Thornton (A.S. Criminal Justice)

·        Brenda Tinoco-Mendoza (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Juan (Max) Tiul-Sheffler (Construction Management Degree)

·        Faith Tompkins (Marketing Management Degree)

·        Jasiel Trujillo (Electrical Technology)

·        Nicholas Tuper (A.S. Logistics Management)

·        Charles Tupper (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Ansley Turner (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Kaili Turner (Health Care Assistant)

·        Mallory Tuttle (Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Degree)

·        Olivia Ulrich (Cybersecurity Diploma)

·        Aubrey Ussery (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Jennifer Uzcategui (Drafting Degree)

·        Migdalia Vargas (Criminal Justice Technology Degree)

·        Javier Vasquez (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Enrique Vazquez (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Jackson Veal (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Norkia Vickers (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Marcos Viera (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Ashley Vining (Nurse Aide)

·        Craig Vinson (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Hailey Vitagliano (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Thomas Von Alt (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Brettney Walker (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Jason Walton (Technical Studies)

·        Eddie Walton (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Lori Warnock (Culinary Baking/Pastry Art Dip)

·        Matthew Washee (Flux Cored ARC Welder)

·        Carrie Weber (Paralegal Studies Degree)

·        Gideon Weymer (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Ryan Wilkins (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Alaisha Williams (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Hailey Williams (Fire Science Technology Diploma)

·        Ashley Williams (Phlebotomy Technician)

·        Nevaeh Williams (Cosmetology Diploma)

·        Harold Williams (Air Conditioning Technology Degree)

·        Jazmine Williams (Health Care Assistant)

·        Laurece Williams (Electrical Technology)

·        Talayeh Williams (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Tranese Williams (Health Care Assistant)

·        Tjamal Williams (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Bradley Willis (Welding and Joining Diploma)

·        Michael Wilson (Construction Management Degree)

·        Kerron Wint (Air Conditioning Technology Diploma)

·        Joshua Woods (Industrial Maintenance Systems)

·        Emil Wright (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Laela Young (Interdisciplinary Studies)

·        Bo Yum (Automotive Technology Degree)

·        Alexandra Zaifert (Cybersecurity Degree)