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Springfield OKs law to cut down on nuisances
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The Springfield City Council has approved a new nuisance abatement ordinance.

“This is to address dilapidated buildings in town,” City Manager Brett Bennett said.

He said there had been changes in state statutes since the previous ordinance, and the new ordinance brought the city in line with state regulations.

City Attorney Charles Barrow said the ordinance incorporates the state provisions.

“The state provisions basically gives you the procedure that you’re supposed to follow,” he said. “We’ve done away with the old ordinance and incorporated the detailed state provisions.”

He said it covers more than just dilapidated buildings. It also includes weeds, trash and junk.

Bennett said it covers anything that is considered a safety, health or fire hazard.

“It covers a broad range of things as long as there is a health hazard or a safety hazard,” Barrow said.

The ordinance was passed unanimously.

Mayor Barton Alderman said the city has received two pledges from area businesses for the July 4 fireworks.