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Springfield puts new semi parking rule into gear
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Parking a semi in Springfield will fall under new regulations, after city council members approved changes to a zoning ordinance.

According to the new rules, semi or tractor-trailer parking is prohibited within 300 feet of any residentially-zoned property, unless the vehicle is there for either loading or unloading. However, that activity cannot exceed more than 12 hours.

In the ordinance, the city cites the deregulation of the trucking industry and the subsequent rise in independent truckers. The increased number of trucks parked throughout the city could become a nuisance and unsightly.

The ordinance states there are concerns over the damage to city streets not designed to carry those loads and concerns over the appearance of trucks parked on residential streets.

“The ordinance was a result of multiple complaints on a regular basis for the last couple of years,” said City Manager Brett Bennett. “Nearly all of the complaints came from citizens about the trucks tearing up the roads, destroying yards in residential areas, noise disturbances, mechanic work being done in the streets, and property owns with trucks parked on their property without permission.  We tried to deal with it with the ordinance that we had in place; however, there were many holes in that ordinance.  In addition, staff continuously expressed concern about the wear and tear on the roads from all of the trucks.”

A truck driver must get signed permission from the property owner to park on private property. The stipulation also applies to government-owned property.

A first offense of the ordinance will result in a $100 for each 24 hours of the violation. A second offense ups the fine to $250 and the fine rises to $500 for a third offense.