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Springfield taps Rincon finance director for city manager
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Springfield has chosen Rincon finance director Brett Bennett to be city manager. He is expected to start the position the beginning of November.

Springfield Mayor Barton Alderman said the city council approved to hire Bennett on Tuesday and a verbal agreement was made Wednesday.

“We had several candidates,” Alderman said. “We narrowed it down to three highly qualified candidates.”

Alderman said Bennett is very knowledgeable of the city’s finances.

“I think he’ll provide strong leadership,” Alderman said. “He was the council’s choice. I think the council made the correct choice.”

Bennett said when he transitioned into a career in city government the goal was to become a city manager someday.

“When it opened in my hometown, it was too good to pass up,” he said.

Bennett said he is able to bring knowledge of the city’s finances after auditing the city for three years. Working in Rincon has allowed him to see city finances from a different point of view.

“I’ve learned more of the ins and outs of the day-to-day stuff,” he said.

Bennett said he would like to see the downtown area of Springfield revitalized and would like to look for grants to help with that.

Bennett said the largest challenge he will face, and the largest challenge facing the county as a whole is water and sewer.

“That’s the biggest issue going on right now,” he said.

Rincon Mayor Ken Lee said he has been happy with Bennett’s work as the director of finance.

“Sounds like an opportunity for him,” Lee said.

He said Bennett has been an asset to the city and hates to see him leave.