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Superior Court judges
muldrew michael
Michael Muldrew

Age: 49

Family: Wife of 23 years, Laurie Waters Muldrew, public school math teacher; son Daniel,:19, and student at Mercer University majoring in biomedical engineering, son Joseph, 17, a junior in high school; and daughter Kate, 12 and in sixth grade

Occupation: Assistant District Attorney

Place of birth/ how long (worked) in Effingham County: I was born in Anniston, Ala., and moved to Georgia at age 5. I have worked in public service in Effingham County since July 1995.

Previous political experience and other elective offices you may have sought: None

Why I’m running:

I felt the call to serve others from an early age, and I was drawn to the practice of law as my avenue of service. The counties comprising the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit are wonderful places to live, and I have dedicated my professional life to making them safe and secure. As a superior court judge I will have an even greater influence ensuring that the lives of the citizens of Effingham County are enhanced by the justice system. The office of superior court judge should be held by someone who possesses the highest integrity, sound judgment in both professional and personal matters and an unwavering commitment to fairness. I believe that serving as a judge in our justice system is the highest calling under the law and that nothing prepares one for the role of a judge better than being a prosecuting attorney. The oaths sworn to by a district attorney and a superior court judge are substantially the same in that they require that one performs one's duties faithfully, impartially and without favoritism. I have spent 25 years applying the law to the facts so that justice prevails. I would be honored to continue my service seeking justice for all as your superior court judge.

Top three objectives: 

My first objective is to maintain the integrity of the court by ensuring that cases are handled in a timely fashion and decisions are made based on impartial application of the law to the facts as set forth in open court. I will not tolerate back room politics in my court.  I promise to patiently listen to all parties before making a prompt and appropriate judgement. Justice delayed, civil or criminal, is justice denied. I believe I possess the skill set necessary to work with my fellow judges, clerks of court, attorneys and law enforcement to see that our Superior Court is run as efficiently as possible for the greater good of all citizens.

Second, I will work to see that the accountability courts (both mental health and drug court) are expanded to serve more citizens of the circuit. I will work to see that they are run according to state guidelines and are cost-effective as a means of rehabilitation. 

Third, I will work with the other superior court judges and county commissions in the circuit in exploring the establishment of a juvenile court judge. Ours is the only circuit in the state that does not have a state-funded juvenile court judge. While the current superior court judges are doing an admirable job handling juvenile cases, a dedicated juvenile court judge would give juvenile cases, including delinquency and deprivation issues, the time and focus they deserve. This would also ensure that superior court judges spend more time and resources on cases that only they are by law allowed to handle.