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Toss Allen out as Effingham County Administrator

The Effingham County Board of Commissioners announced Wednesday that current County Administrator Toss Allen would not have his contract renewed.

Allen, who has served the position of county administrator since 2014, is leaving the position after many years of good work.

Following the decision, which came during an executive session by the commissioners, Allen agreed to stay on and work for the county until July 21 so that he can help the new county administrator with the transition.

In a statement, the county said: “The Board of Commissioners of Effingham County greatly appreciates the service Toss Allen has provided as our county administrator over the past four years. His knowledge and skill in development and engineering has been most beneficial, however, after assessing the county’s administration needs we have chosen to not renew his contract and pursue new management. Mr. Allen is a gifted engineer and we may continue to engage his support in the future.”