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Volunteers gather to collect Ebenezer Creek litter
Erin Phillips totes her kayak to the water at Tommy Long Landing to join Savannah Riverkeeper volunteers for Saturday's Ebenezer Creek cleanup effort. - photo by Mark Lastinger/staff

RINCON -- It wasn't a perfect picture but it was close.

The temperature was comfortable, the sun was shining brightly, the wind was blowing gently and the clear waters of Ebenezer Creek sported the reflections of people who respected its beauty and importance.

The creek's few flaws were spaced out widely. Still, they stood out like zits on a beauty queen's faceĀ  -- a beer can here, a styrofoam cup there and even an occasional dirty diaper.

About 20 volunteers gathered at four spots along the creek Saturday to get rid of the blemishes. Some used canoes or kayaks to patrol the water and others walked along the banks.

All stuffed refuse in large plastic bags as part of Savannah Riverkeeper's Community and Waterway Cleanup Series, and Waterkeeper Cleanup Week.

See the April 18 edition of the Effingham Herald for the details.