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With the heat on, Georgia Power offers tips to keep cool
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As sustained high temperatures in Georgia drive energy use up, Georgia Power is reminding customers that focusing on energy efficiency can help keep their homes cool and reduce the impact of the hot weather on power bills.

As part of continued efforts to help customers save energy and money, the company has made it easy to find energy solutions and expertise at and is sharing tips and advice throughout the summer on Twitter using the hashtags #HotWeatherTip and #SaveEnergy.

Summer-specific tips from Georgia Power include:

* Insulate, insulate, insulate – Insulating attics, floors and walls is one of the most effective ways to keep cool air inside your home.

* Thermostats – Set your thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer. You can expect a 3 to 4 percent increase in energy use for each degree lower it is set.

* Close the blinds – Keeping the blinds and shades closed during the day is a no-cost way to keep your home cooler.

* Ceiling fans – Moving air can feel 3 to 5 degrees cooler than non-moving air and can save you 3 percent on cooling costs.

* Have your A/C serviced – Having a professional inspect your system annually will ensure proper operation and keep it running as efficiently as possible.

Georgia Power offers rebates and incentives to help make energy efficiency improvements around the house even more valuable, as well as other services at including a free online energy checkup and the ability to schedule a free in-home energy audit.

Additionally, the company’s My Power Usage program, a free service connected to Georgia Power online accounts, allows customers to track their daily energy use online, project their monthly bill and stay within a set energy budget by signing up for account notifications.