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A day to remember history
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Saturday dawned bright and clear with a cool breeze; the scene was one that would be the making of picture postcards, as citizens gathered to remember Effingham history.

If you missed it, I am sorry for you!

As said, it was a marvelous day weather-wise and location-wise. What was even greater was the effort of citizens to make this a day for the history of Effingham, past, present and future.

It was a real local history lesson for those who attended. The real history presented by the booklet written by Norman Turner, giving details of setting up Camp Davis and information about where the men came from and what was required to provide food for the soldiers in camp.

Norman Turner was on site with more information about other historic sites in Effingham County. We are indebted to Norman Turner for his untiring research in the history of Effingham. He, himself, is a historic treasure; he knows our history and freely shares it with all.

There were opportunities to witness the drilling and firing of rifles and cannon as part of the training soldiers on this site. The Sons of Confederate Veterans set up their usual encampment, with a few more modern conveniences, but depicting what such an encampment would be like.

Ladies from the United Daughters of the Confederacy were on hand to demonstrate their daily tasks at home, while their men were off fighting the war.

Local food vendors were on hand in period dress offering food that was symbolic of the era. Several vendors were present with authentic artifacts and replicas for the era. Local food and vegetable growers offered fresh vegetables and jams and jellies.

Effingham Health System, Effingham EMS and Guyton Fire Department offered services that may be needed by persons attending such an event. The Effingham Sheriff’s Office offered traffic control to assure safety at the entrance to event and the Guyton Police Department was on hand to assist the event.

The event would not have been possible without the courtesy of the Neil Ratchford family allowing the event to take place on their property. It is a beautiful setting and their cooperation with the planners of this event made the whole thing possible.

There were many who contributed funds; many others contributed work or in-kind services, all of which were important to the success of the event.

On behalf of the Effingham Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Historic Effingham Society, the planners of the event, we would like to thank the following:

Neil Ratchford Family, CWO (Ret.) Norman Turner, Effingham County Commissioners, Rep. Jon Burns, Sen. Jack Hill, Sen. Buddy Carter, David Johnson, architect, Fuller Chevrolet, Coastal Grading & Rental, Whitaker Laboratory, Joseph R. Ross, Esq., InnoVative Capital, LLC, Phil Church, Efacec, J.E. Dunn Construction Co., Allgood Pest Solutions, Envision Advantage, LLC, Southern Pride Lawn Care, Strategic Healthcare Partners, Southeastern Air Conditioning Co., US eBusiness Solutions, Impact Communications, Planters Telephone Foundation, Spirit Newspaper, Zebra Grafix Signs & Design, City of Guyton, City of Rincon, City of Springfield, Rincon Transmission, Thomas C Strickland Funeral Home, Riggs Funeral Home, Bill Lee, Carey Graham, Keith Johnson, Sandy Loper, Reggie Loper, Alan Watson, David Seitz, Allen Zipperer, Harbor Signs, Effingham Health System, Effingham Board of Education, Effingham EMS, Effingham Sheriff’s Office, WTOC-TV, Effingham Magazine, Effingham Herald, Effingham NOW, Effingham Chamber of Commerce, Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy.