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Back to terrorism reality
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Now that the 2007 Independence Day fireworks and barbeque celebrations are over, let’s get back to the chilling reality of the threat of Islamic fascism to our national security. I apologize for killing the mood of the party so abruptly, but terrorists don’t take holidays.

The latest terrorists’ bombings in London and Scotland attempted by doctors and medical professionals should be another wake up call to those in denial that we are at war against Islamic fascists. It should be a reminder that this is a different kind of war, a different kind of enemy, on a different kind of battlefield, which requires a different kind of response. Denial and posturing for political power is not the appropriate response.

Unfortunately, liberals and Democratic leaders do not even seriously acknowledge this bigger war against Islamic fascism, but choose to focus only on the war in Iraq, which gets daily negative coverage by the mainstream media. They also choose not to extrapolate the attempts in London and Scotland to the United States, despite the facts and evidence, which suggest that we are equally vulnerable to similar attempts.

A Fox News program reported that about 50 percent of the doctors in Britain are foreign-born or educated. Twenty-five percent of the doctors in the U.S. are foreign-born. We should certainly not become doctor-phobic, but it does suggest that we are vulnerable to similar terrorist connections. Our borders are not secure. We have over a half million people in this country with expired visas. And we have no idea how many well-educated enemies of this country have already infiltrated our society, government and communities. It’s just a matter of time.

As these latest incidents in Britain and Scotland illustrate, not all the terrorists are young, uneducated and poor. They are unsuspected professionals committed to their ideology of hate and destruction of western culture. After decades of cultural passivity and not enforcing immigration laws, as Tony Blankley discusses in his book, “The West’s Last Chance,” terrorists have infiltrated all aspects of British life in their drive to dominate the European continent.

The U.S. is not far behind because of similar passivity and unwillingness to enforce immigration laws. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for not properly securing our borders. The unwillingness or inability to enforce over a half million expired visas did not just start with the Bush administration. And not deporting known illegal immigrant criminals is inexcusable.

But the Democratic leaders have consistently denied all the major problems we face in their political rhetoric. They are in denial that the strength of the economy is due to the tax rate changes of 2003, to which they so often refer as the Bush tax cuts to fuel their anti-Bush class warfare rhetoric. In fact, all three of the leading Democratic presidential hopefuls have advocated rolling back the tax cuts to pay for socialized universal health care. The truth is that the tax cuts have generated more revenue to the federal tax coffers, and rolling them back would reduce the amount of revenue available for ill-constructed new federal programs.

But the Democratic presidential contenders are not about to let the truth get in the way of another empty campaign promise, or a good media sound bite.

They are also in denial about the entitlement spending crisis. Immediately after the 2006 report by the Social Security Trustees indicating that the system would be in an ongoing deficit position by 2017, Sen. Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, boldly stated that “Social Security is in good shape for many years to come.”

Consistent with his thinking, the Democratic presidential candidates don’t even bring up the subject on the campaign trail, or in so-called debates. They simply want to throw more money at the spending problems and hope they go away.

These same Democratic so-called leaders, who are in denial about what drives the economy and the real entitlement spending crisis, are the same Democrats who are in denial about our war against Islamic fascism.

The Democratic presidential candidates have never even mentioned the words Islamic fascism in their propaganda forums and campaign speeches.

This is the most dangerous denial of all because it allows our most dangerous enemy to fester and grow from within our borders as it has in Britain and the rest of Europe. The Democrats may choose to discount or ignore the incidents in Britain and Scotland for political posturing and campaign leverage, but those of us with our eyes wide open know that it can happen here. It’s just a matter of time.

In a 1964 speech by Ronald Reagan titled “A Time for Choosing”, he said, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”

He was not talking about Islamic fascism at the time, but it is time for would-be leaders to choose between the future of this country and political power.

Time will tell, because terrorists don’t take holidays.