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Crossover day a busy time
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The 30th session day has come and gone and “crossover day” passing means that the House will only consider Senate bills for the rest of the session and the Senate will only consider House bills the rest of the way. Of course bills can and will be amended, but basically bills that did not move out of one house or the other on “crossover day” are dead for this session.

Still to be considered is the FY2012 general budget.

Senate action last week

Bills Passed
SB 57: Requires criminal background checks for school bus drivers and prohibits sex offenders from driving buses as well.
SB 62: Prohibits selling or giving away property within Georgia to any other state, nation, or territory, wherein Georgia could not exercise jurisdiction (Indian Reservations).
SB 10: Allows local referendum on Sunday alcohol sales.
SB 80: Requires DNA collection for people convicted of or arrested for a felony or sex offense.
SB 93: Requires over the counter medicine containing Pseudoephedrine to be sold in a pharmacy.
SB 101: Establishes a program to allow high school students to volunteer as election poll watchers.
SB 102: Allows weapon carry permit holders to carry in some government buildings, non-secure parts of an airport, and churches that allow it.
SB 109: Moves primary elections following a decennial redistricting from August to the last Tuesday in July.
SB 114: Allows liquor distilleries and the distilling of agricultural products other than fruit grown in Georgia.
SB 121: Requires the Secretary of State to develop a way to refund Department of Natural Resources and corporation fees collected in error.
SB 155:  Allows death or disability indemnification payments to be made to surviving parents or siblings of peace officers and emergency workers who are caregivers.
SB 157: Removes reporting requirement for local governments’ solid waste management plan.
SB 163: Requires groups sending out or broadcasting campaign material to clearly identify themselves and state whether the material is authorized by a campaign or not.
SB 166: Creates a new category of “limited continuing care.”
SB 172: Requires a home study evaluation prior to third-party adoptions.
SB 183: Allows school nurses to consult with offsite healthcare professionals.
SB 184: Prohibits school districts from using length of employment as the primary determining factor in reducing their work force (RIF).
SB 206: Prohibits releasing a feral hog onto unfenced land.
SB 210: Allows a civil action to be brought by a woman upon whom an abortion was performed illegally.
SB 214: Makes it a misdemeanor for a prisoner to possess a cell phone or for anyone to provide a prisoner with a cell phone.
SB 218: Allows companies to purchase and remove deadhead logs from riverbeds.
SB 236: Provides for court-ordered installation of ignition interlock devices.
SB 240: Adds golf carts as a class of motor vehicles as “personal transportation vehicles.”
SB 185: Provides for the emergency closure of a daycare facility following the death of a child in some instances.

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