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Eating mor chikin
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Just have to laugh at the folks who are all goin’ bananas over Dan Cathy’s statement that he doesn’t think gay marriage is the way to go.

Boston Mayor Menino and donkeykong Mayor Rahm Emanuel chastising Cathy for that statement, telling him Chick-Fil-A would not be welcome in Boston or Chicago?

Yeah. Right.

I guarantee you neither one of those boneheads have ever even had a Chick-Fil-A sandwich or they would never have stomped their hobnail boots about it.

I bet some little office assistant went out one day and bought one for them, complete with waffle fries and an ice "dream" ...and totally rocked their worlds, which is why they both backed down off the "unvite" to have Chick-Fil-A come to their town.

You all know that Chick-Fil-A sannie is mighty durn good! And we used to drive from Guyton to Pooler just to get that ice cream! It’s as close to hand cranked as you’ll find anywhere.


Would you rather have a Subway or a Chick-Fil-A? I mean, come on. If you’ve ever had a Baldino’s sub, you wouldn’t ever want to take another bite of a Subway sandwich, unless you were stranded in the desert with no other choice. 

I know that Baldino’s is not Chick-Fil-A, but the comparison is really about the quality. You know that when you go into either one of those places, you will walk out happy. And still probably suckin’ the last of the iced tea outta the styrofoam cup.

And whoever said that Mr. Cathy wasn’t entitled to his own opinion? So what if he feels that way about gay marriage? Lots of folks feel the same way he does.

I figure if two people want to get married, so be it. I don’t care about their race, creed, sexual orientation or any of that. If they think they have found someone they can stand to be married to for five minutes, go on ahead. 

I don’t care if it’s for love or the tax break, as long as they’ll be happy, why the heck not? However, I think people are entitled to their own opinions, too.

And personally, I don’t like having anyone’s opinion shoved down my throat.

I don’t wear ribbons, I don’t do walks, I don’t get caught up in the frenzy that being "all for" or "all against" can create.

All the "Awareness" clubs. AIDS, breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimers....

Believe me, I’m aware.

It’s why I don’t join clubs.

I don’t feel the need to be a "part of something." Just being part of my family is about all I need.

Don’t need to have Ellen Barkin (I know, right? Who?) yammering on about how awful Jon Lovitz is because he is disappointed with the person he chose as president.

Lovitz just expressed an opinion, and there’s Barkin, going crazy because he said some things she didn’t like. She expressed her opinion of right-wingers, but it was so bizarre that it was more like a rant than an opinion. She’s entitled to feel the way she does, but it goes beyond expressing an opinion.

Personally, I don’t care much for the way our country is being run right now, but that’s just my opinion.

Do I think "The Big Bang Theory" is a funny show?

No. I think it’s stupid.

There again, just my opinion.

I heard a funny joke the other day.

"Your momma is so old, she was there when Jesus walked on the water. She said, ‘It must be the shoes...’."

I thought it was very funny. I still think it’s very funny. Of course, it’s all about the delivery of the line, but again, funny.

I know other folks who would disagree with me ’cause it’s making light of the Lord.

He fed 5,000 people bread and fish.

"And tell them there’s no tartar sauce...."

McDonald’s changed all that.

You got bread, you got fish, you got tartar sauce. And a lot of it. There you have your Fish Fil-A. All courtesy of a joke by Jesus.

All I can see out of this recent debacle over one man’s personal opinion is that his business empire is going to do very well.

More couples will decide to get married at Chick-Fil-A, more parties will be catered by Chick-Fil-A, and Chick-Fil-A will do better than they ever imagined. They are very particular about where they allow their franchises to be built, but I reckon more folks will now want to invest their money in one.

Chick-Fil-A will create more job opportunities (than the current administration could ever even hope to do) and soon Boston and Chicago will be beggin’ for the opportunity to roll out the welcome mat.

Again, that’s just my opinion.

I’m sitting here looking out my window and wondering what to have for lunch. Got no Baldino’s and no Chick Fil-A. The closest one is a half hour away.

Hmmm ....I was thinking it might be a reason to get dressed today, but why bother. I mean, they do have a drive-through.