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Feelin the devil
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I try hard not to think about all the evil in the world because I don’t want to draw that negative force around me.
I just keep trying to look at the good stuff that goes on, but sometimes I think the evil is outweighing the good.
Case in point: Zahra Baker.
That sweet beautiful little girl in North Carolina who went “missing.” Whenever you hear the word “missing” anymore, you immediately suspect the parents. Used to be you suspected the guy who lived in his parent’s basement down the street.
Here’s poor ol’ Zahra, suffering from cancer, just as cute as can be, and she ends up being diced into chunks by her stepmother.
There is also speculation now that the stepmother was selling this young girl to men for whatever depravity they saw fit to perpetrate on her.
The stepmother and father have admitted to killing her.
Now. Here’s a point our country needs to take into serious consideration.
These two admitted murderers will likely get to spend the rest of their lives in prison, at the cost of our taxpayer dollars.
Why keep these two dreadful miscreants alive and well fed when they had no such consideration for a child who lived under the same roof?
What about the sweet little 7-year-old who was visiting his mom and stepdad in Utah, only to go “missing” a few days later?
Where was he found?
About 30 miles away, buried in a shallow grave.
No strangers involved.
It was the mom and her new hubby.
No trial for these people. No prison time. Bang bang, you’re dead. Bye bye.
That is what needs to happen here. It’s just mindboggling that folks can commit such heinous acts and then we have to pay to keep them alive.
ACLU my tail. 
My friend’s husband was murdered by three young thugs.
Where are they now?
Sitting in prison.
Being housed, fed, and tended to at her cost. Every cent she pays into taxes goes into paying to keep these admitted murderers alive.
What is fair about that?
These are just little blips on the radar screen.
What about the guy in Oklahoma that continually abused a six year old girl and her younger brother?
He was let out of jail.
Why is this guy still walking the streets?
Maybe karma will win out and he’ll get struck by lightning and his head will explode.
That won’t rectify what emotional trauma he put those kids through, but at least he’ll be prevented from causing harm to more children.
And of course, what of Maj. Nidal Hasan, who killed how many people at Fort Hood? Thirteen counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. It is being suggested that he be tried and face the death penalty.
Why give this guy a trial?
Everyone knows he did it, he does not deserve a trial.
Just throw a noose over his neck and hang him from the top of the hospital, and then let people throw rocks at him as his feet kick.
Other countries don’t put people like that on trial.
He did it, we know it, he’s gone. Bang. Zoom. To the moon.
Who would miss them?
No one.
I am trying hard to feel the holiday spirit. Really hard. Trying to feel the spirit of Christmas and of Christ’s birth.
Pray for the three Skelton boys who went “missing” last week in Michigan.
Their father is involved.
It’s not looking good, but maybe Jesus is taking care of them.
That’s all I can ask for.