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Floor activity picks up in session
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The 2014 session moved into the second half, and activity on the floor increased. At the same time Senate and House leaders considered differences in the fiscal year 2014 amended budgets passed by both houses, and the Senate began work in earnest on the general budget for FY15. The last 14 or so days of this session are certain to be active with some of the more controversial legislation being considered.

Passed the Senate and in the House
SB 60 - Requires all official communications sent to officers, members, and employees of the General Assembly be in electronic format. Passed Senate 49-3.
SB 235 - Allows part-time firefighters who work 1,040 hours to join the Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund. Passed unanimously.
SB 299 - Eliminates required buffers on “gullies” emptying into reservoirs and requires local watershed protection plans. Passed Senate 46-7.
SB 325 - Strengthens provisions regulating fire protection sprinkler contractors and fire suppression contractors. Passed Senate 49-2.
SB 332 - Increases the maximum contempt fine in magistrate court from $200 to $500. Passed Senate 45-5.
SB 336 - Caps the fines imposed by the State Board of Cosmetology for certain violations, whereas the amounts may not exceed $25 for the first violation, $75 for the second violation, and $300 for each subsequent violation. Passed Senate 54-1.
SB 337 - Caps the fines imposed by the State Board of Barbers for certain violations, whereas the amounts may not exceed $25 for the first violation, $75 for the second violation, or $300 for each subsequent violation. Passed Senate 49-1.
SB 346 - Requires that one out of the nine Board of Community Health members be an active member of the State Health Benefit Plan. Passed unanimously.
SB 349 - Enhances the delivery of services by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities by establishing governing boards to oversee Community Service Boards. Passed unanimously.
SB 350 - Supports the Governor’s Foster Care Initiative to reform the child welfare program and create a private-public partnership in Georgia. Passed Senate 31-18.

Bills introduced in the Senate
SB 379 - Prevents the failure to wear a seat belt in a passenger vehicle from being the basis for cancellation of coverage or increase in insurance rates.
SB 381 - Establishes a standardized and performance-based incident command system for emergencies and allows the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to train first informer broadcasters on safety and navigation in areas affected by emergency.
SB 382 - Prohibits someone from giving false information when trying to obtain a refund for merchandise and prohibits someone from obtaining such refund with the use of another person’s driver’s license.
SB 384 - Requires a course of study in America’s founding principles and requires a passing grade in such course to graduate high school.
SB 386 - Prohibits the public disclosure of social security numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, and financial account numbers in court documents.
SB 397 - Requires all individual health insurance plans and contracts to provide coverage of autism spectrum disorders.

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