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Hail to President Oburqa
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Oh my gracious.

I have such a headache.

I cannot believe that there are 12 (at least) Republicans who want to be President. Notice that the Democrats aren’t saying a peep about the election next year ... surely they don’t think the current man in charge will be good for another four years? I couldn’t take that. I just couldn’t.

I am still trying to wrap my head around that fact that no one seemed to pay attention to the fact that he never voted on any issue at all when he was in Congress.

Why was there a debate on “The View” between Elizabeth Hasselback and Michael Moore (a person I loathe even more than Joy Behar) about whether or not Osama bin Laden should have  gotten a trial in New York.

Wait a minute...


Moore’s argument was that we should have given him a fair trial and sentenced him just like we do other criminals.

I know that it is his job to be difficult and to present totally opposing points of view from the norm, but he is way off the mark on that comment.

Barbara had to step in and say, “We didn’t want to hold him up as a martyr...” and then Whoopi stopped the conversation by saying, “You need to come here more are so interesting to talk to.”

Interesting if you’re already taking psych meds, that is.


Is anyone the least bit surprised that the big half billion dollar “loan” to Solyndra was a huge mistake on the part of our dear POTUS?

Not me.

Nothing like that is ever a surprise.

Bush put that “loan” on hold while he was in office because he didn’t think it was such a good idea, where O Great One jumped right on it mere days after being sworn in and had that check issued lickety split.


It cost a half billion to build that solar panel plant when China is building them on a shoestring? I might add, building it on our shoestring, but definitely doing it for a lot less.

What is with this administration that they felt no qualms whatsoever about doling out billions in supposed business-building loans that have had virtually no other effect than to leave us more dazed and confused than ever?

It is not just appalling, it’s mind numbing.

And he wants more stimulus money? What in our dear Heavenly Father’s name happened to the first 800 billion dollars that got spent? Where is that money?

I’ll tell you where.

It’s supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

His cousins and half siblings that live abroad and want to take over the world, is where those buckets o’ dosh have gone.

You think that the Muslim Brotherhood is a quiet little entity in the Middle East striving for peace and unity?

Think again.

They want to take over Egypt. They want to take over Syria. They want to take over Libya.

They want to be in charge and they want to put the squeeze on Israel.

Ahmadinejad wants to be the supreme ruler.

He’ll be walkin’ around trussed up like that turkey Quaddafi Duck within the next two years, railing against America because we will have cut off funds completely to the Middle East.

Well, I should say that will only happen if the right people get into office because otherwise this jackanape we’ve got for President is gonna send us up the river.

He wants to spend us into oblivion and make us all poor. That’s how he will level the playing field.

Level it like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, baby.

I know that we’re all pretty exhausted from listening to the rhetoric and back-biting, but if we don’t wake up and pay attention, we’ll be a Muslim nation and paying a steep price for having elected a President who thinks there ain’t nuthin’ wrong widdit.

I ain’t hatin’...I’m just sayin’....