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Into the Land of Oz
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One of my friends commented to me recently that she was concerned about me.

“Why is that?” I pondered.

“Because you haven’t said a word about politics lately ... are you feeling OK?” she queried.

I shook my head and said, “I feel great. I haven’t watched anything political for so long, and I keep my mind off the POTUS. My shingles are gone, my arthritis has left the building, and I ain’t popped a pimple on my beehind for months.”

And then, last night, what does Hubs do the minute he comes in from work — late — plops right down and turns on the State of the Union address.

I pretended not to hear it as I scoured the Internet for mindless bits of trivia and far out freaky news bits.

After about five minutes of hearing The Big O spoutin’ his first campaign speech for TwentyTwelve — ’cause that’s essentially all it was - I leaped out of my chair and jumped up in down in front of the television, pulling out my hair.

“Turn it off! Turn ... it ... off!” I implored.

I realized that several months of keeping political thoughts and agendas at bay had built up quite a head of steam.

I suddenly felt like Kramer, in an episode of “Seinfeld,” where he goes haywire at the sound of Mary Hart’s voice.

That was me, listening to Barrack Hussein Obama, Tuesday night.

I felt like I was short-circuiting.

“I don’t care if you turn on ‘Two and a Half Men’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’, just put on something else besides him, ’cause he’s drivin’ me nuts!”

I was in a heap on the floor, clinging to the last shreds of hair left on my head.

“I’d rather be down in Antarctica listening to penguins fart than have to listen to one more syllable fall from his lips!”

I haven’t had a reaction like that since Clinton said, “I did not have sex with ‘that woman.’”

Mind you, I do not harken to any particular political party, and I don’t think I’d really have anything against B.O. as a regular Joe.

But the whole list of grandiose acts that he was proposing last night was like, “Who are you and why didn’t you do this crap three years ago? And if we’re producing more oil in the last year than we have in the last eight, why the heck is it still so danged expensive?”

I noticed that when he was talking about the Navy and how much energy they were going to produce (huh?), all the ObamaWanKanobes stood up clapping ... except for the guys in the Navy.

“We need a strong dee-fense!” he proclaimed.

Really? Then why are you considering such huge military cuts? Yeah, there is probably a lot of “stuff” that can be cut out of the DOD, but not our bases and not our guys.

Hubs talked to a customer yesterday, a retired Marine, who had an angry mouthful himself to spew about the current administration.

He said that the guys returning home were not getting what they are owed by the government as far as health care and after care is concerned, and that the government drags its feet where the retirees are concerned.

Shame on our government. It’s not just this administration, but it’s the overall lack of esteem our POTUS seems to hold for our men and women in uniform.

He talks a good game, but so did P.T. Barnum.

“There’s a sucker born every minute” was his classic take on how gullible Americans, or people in general, are.

Same kind of attitude our commander in chief seems to have, too.

I just picture him walking off the stage, snappin’ his fingers and goin’ “Man, I’m good!”

I’ve packed my parka and mukluks.

The next time I listen to something and think, “Boy, something about that statement stinks!”, it’ll be around a pack of flatulent penguins.