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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We can't afford to elect Democrats

Sometimes, I don’t really understand Democrats. 

On the one hand, they are encouraging people to protest and riot in the streets, completely ignoring the threat of coronavirus while at the same time they are against students returning to school because they claim to be worried about the coronavirus. How does that make any sense?

I’m not afraid to say that I stand with President Trump and support the safe reopening of schools.

In my opinion, schools are ready to safely be reopened. Countries around the world have reopened their schools and cases have not skyrocketed as a result.

Furthermore, studies show that children are significantly less likely to contract COVID-19 than adults. As such, doctors, health officials and academic experts agree that schools can be reopened in a safe manner. 

There are things that school districts can do to mitigate the risks even more by spacing out desks, staggering class schedules, consistently sanitizing rooms, and encouraging the usage of masks.

Knowing all of this, Democrats still want Georgia’s children to suffer and miss the importance of attending school in person. Online instruction is not a good substitute for children’s education. The left would rather have America’s children rioting in the streets than learning in the classroom.

With our children’s academic futures at stake, we cannot afford to elect Democrats this November. That’s why I’ll be proudly casting my vote for President Trump.

Augusta Livingston