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A goodbye to a special friend
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Dear Editor,

This is to honor our lifetime resident and friend, Brother Frankie Hodges.

Thank you to his family for sharing him with us. He had wonderful Christian parents. He has wonderful Christian brothers and sisters. His wife, children and grandchildren are wonderful Christians.

Brother Frankie was always the same. No matter where you saw him, he would always smile and speak to you. Even when he was a young boy, he was always like that. He did not like for anyone picking or bullying you. I saw how he would take up for you. After he talked to them, they would leave you alone.

If you missed his funeral, you missed a blessing. There was standing room only in his church, Goshen Road Baptist. The music was beautiful; the pastor gave a wonderful speech. The ending was very special. We all sang “When We All Get to Heaven.” Oh, what a beautiful day of rejoicing that will be. It sure will be a great day when we all see Jesus and shout for Victory.

Then we went outside. Just seeing the unity of all the motorcycles family, it was very inspiring and beautiful. I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere. Brother Frankie told me, “I thought our ballgame days were over. Now, thank God we have our grandchildren to go watch.” I said, “Yes, thank God.”

People say there are angels among us. I say, “Yes, there is.” Some angels you can’t see, but Brother Frankie you could see. He would give you the shirt off his back. He would give you his last dollar. Brother Frankie, you are loved and missed by a lot of folks.

Please keep his family in your prayers. Every day is a challenge. With God’s help, you will make it. Also, your friends and family are only a phone call away. We are here for you; if you need us anytime, please call us.

Brother Frankie really did practice what he preached. People, wake up: you have to try a little kindness, yes, show a little kindness. Let’s make this world a better place for you and me. May God bless everyone.

Friends forever,

Marshie Proctor