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A proud day for soldiers, community
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Dear Editor,

Last Tuesday was a banner day for Effingham. Admittedly not a happy day, but a proud day. We honored our Alpha Battery troops on the day they deployed to go the front lines in Afghanistan.

The icy cold of the day did not keep all citizens away from standing on the parade route with flags, banners and posters wishing the troops well.
It takes some doing to put together an event such as the parade and the lunch that was served the troops and their families. Such doings take people working to bring it together and we had outstanding cooperation from local governments, organizations, businesses and individuals.
The organizing committee included: Patrice Crawley, Pam Cox, Tess Hynes, Clarence Morgan, Butch Kieffer, Kia Westmoreland, Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie and Joey Blissett. The support of the city of Springfield and the city of Rincon was important to the parade route. The school system, represented by the bands and the JROTC units from ECHS and SEHS, had an important role in the event.

The generosity of Greg and Cindy Howze in allowing us to use the Mill Creek Lodge for a luncheon for the troops and their families made it a special time for the troops and their families.

Unfortunately, it was a very cold day, but the warm hearts and spirit of all who participated in the event made it a warm day for all involved.

Thanks to everyone. From those standing in the cold and waving, to all those who worked on various phases of the event, you made it a warm day in hearts of all.

Ruth Lee