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Allen is the best candidate for 12th
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Dear Editor:

How can we continue to tell our children and grandchildren that we love them when, because of our apathy, we are giving them a national debt over $17 trillion? We have an election coming up. We need to send representatives from the 1st and 12th districts that have the same values we have in Effingham County.

Imagine if you were a member of a board of directors for a company that had failed miserably like Congress. You would fire the leader. Then why are we complacent to accept unacceptable performance from the Congress of the United States?

We need to have a continuous flow of fresh ideas from men and women of integrity, with a willingness to work hard and term limits for all of Congress.

The undersigned both live in the Springfield area, which is represented by the 12th District. It has become clear to us that Rick Allen is the best candidate to represent us. Rick is a businessman. With his experience in his construction business over the past 37 years, we believe he is the only candidate in the 12th District who can go to Washington and offer good business solutions for our problems. He has balanced the budget of his own company and kept it afloat through good and bad economic times. Rick has strong conservative beliefs and he is not afraid to stand up to the Washington liberals.

We believe that Rick Allen is a compassionate, Christian man. He has always served his community. He and his wife of 40 years are active members of their local Methodist church. They have raised four children with good Christian values.

Please join with us in voting for Rick Allen on May 20 in the Republican primary.

Butch Kieffer
Pete Clements