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Barrow doesnt really back FISA approval
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Dear Editor,

I heard John Barrow (D-Savannah) telling WBMQ host Ray Steele on the air April 30, that he supports the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The truth is he voted against renewing FISA, which expired in February, by denying the bill to come to a vote along with other house Democrats. The Senate had approved the bill in a bipartisan vote.

FISA is a bill that protects our country from being attacked by terrorists. In the bill it provides a shield for U.S. telecom companies that voluntarily aid authorities in tracking terrorists. Without shields, trial lawyers can sue companies for helping the U.S. Already lawsuits are being filed thanks to “lawyer” Barrow.

In his interview with Steele, Barrow intimated there were two versions of the bill and he wanted to wait for the one that protected the American people and the telecoms. There is only one version of this Senate bill and he voted against renewing it, and continues to do so by his six other votes to block it from coming to the House for a vote to secure America.

Barrow tells his constituents he supports the Senate FISA bill, but votes against it?

The voters need to replace Barrow for an honest, sincere, concerned representative.

Liz Bartlett