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Cuts to library make no sense
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Dear Editor,

My wife and I understand that the brilliant minds at the Effingham County Board of Commissioners and the evidently ignorant representing the Effingham County School Board want to cut hours drastically at local libraries.

No doubt, someone must be smoking a lot of strange “stuff,” otherwise they would have figured out how dumb that would be. With higher than normal unemployment in the county, plus a growing problem with burglaries and theft to local properties, the need for education and a safe place for our youth can go to actually learn things is essential.

Perhaps all of us who care should show up at our county tax office and petition for a break in the taxes we pay to provide services in a county that is supposedly interested in growth?

Here we are, a nation that has just 5 percent of the total world’s population and over 25 percent of the world’s inmates in our bulging jails. Are we so arrogant and ignorant a nation that we believe there is nothing new that a local library can teach us?

I bet if high school football or baseball or any large team sport (outside regular PE classes) were cut, parents would be foaming at the beak. But as it is just the library … oh, what the heck.

There is one thing that both Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln did agree about during the Civil War, that librarians were among the most needed and honored of public citizens. It looks like those who run this county figured out that this is no longer true for the 21st century citizenry. Let’s all sit around and “text” or play video games until we’re blind, that’ll show ’em.

Lindsay Stone