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Family still searches for answers
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Dear Editor,

It has been six long years since, on Feb. 28, 2002, Allyson Romedy put her 10-year-old daughter to bed and then disappeared.

For the last six years, our family has lived with heartbreak. Allyson’s disappearance is always uppermost in our minds. Not a day goes by without our agonizing over what happened to her. Mallorie is now 16 and a beautiful young lady but being deprived of her mother has made her growing up years lonely and at times difficult.

I believe that the person responsible for Allyson’s disappearance is still living right there in Rincon. He may be the person right next to you at the grocery store, the fast food place or the service station. They may not face judgment on this earth but they will face the consequences of their actions some day.

Allyson is gone but she is certainly not forgotten by those who truly love her.

Thank you for allowing me to express my frustration and anger.

Rebecca H. Becton
Mother of Allyson Romedy