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Finding Gods love in 9/11 lessons
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Dear Editor,

A word from God,

There are so many messages in this tragic event that shook our nation, and they will continue to be clear to us as time passes.

To all our fellow Americans that lost loved ones, our love and prayers go out to you. The true message of 9/11 is summed up in a few words, found in God’s word, Romans 13:9:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Love does only good and our neighbors are anyone other than yourself. Reach out, America; help those in need let’s “be the family of God.”

America, we are strong, even at our weakest point, only because God is strong and He is our God, the one and only true living God. God promised in his word, that he would stand and protect the nation that honors Him.

“America,” God will never forsake us, but we must never turn from Him.

Stand up for God, read His word, ask for forgiveness, repent and turn back to God and let’s walk His path. God will bless our nations if we honor Him.

Let’s make God proud and stand strong.

Virginia Redwine