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Johnson the best candidate for Congress
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Dear Editor,

In light of the disaster of Obamacare and the needs of our troops here in the great state of Georgia, I have decided to write this letter about a candidate I saw speak at a recent event by the name of Dr. Bob Johnson.

At this event, Dr. Bob Johnson spoke articulately about how he planned to fix Obamacare, as well as serve the best interests of this district using his experience as a cancer surgeon and Army Ranger.

Dr. Bob Johnson is running for Georgia’s U.S. House 1st District, vacated by Jack Kingston. After serving in the military for over 20 years, Dr. Bob has a unique perspective on military issues that is sorely needed in Congress, and is especially critical to our district due to the presence of installations such as Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field.

The catastrophe of government intervention in our health care has crippled our nation, and Dr. Bob Johnson knows the ins and outs of the medical field that allow him to make quality, informed decisions in the fight against the behemoth of Obamacare.

Our country’s problems stem from decades of trusting career politicians that behave in the best interest of their political agendas, and I think it’s about time we get a doctor in the House!

Deb Swain