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McDuffie is dedicated to his job as sheriff
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Dear Editor,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Wanda McDuffie, wife of Jimmy McDuffie, sheriff of Effingham County. I have known Jimmy for 21 years and we’ve been married for 18 of those years.

I need to share some facts about my husband that I feel you need to know. Jimmy is a very honest and sincere leader who does not toot his own horn. He has never been one to brag on himself so I will do it for him. I can no longer sit back and allow the citizens of Effingham to be misled by half-truths and rumors.

When Jimmy took office in July 2002, there were 88 employees at the sheriff’s office. As of today, he has 125 employees. He has been proactive with the drug problem by making numerous drug arrests since he took office.

He has increased the number of school resource officers in the county, as well as making great improvements in the technology of the department. He has shown his dedication and loyalty to this county by putting in long hours and trying to run his department at a minimal cost to the county taxpayers. He puts in an average of 12-to-14-hour days and that doesn’t include the phone calls or the people who stop by the house because they didn’t want to bother him at the office. He never turns them away; he listens and tries to help.

In the last six years, the county has increased the patrol staff. There is a minimum of seven officers available at night, including the sergeants.

There is also one investigator available each evening, as well as a first sergeant, allowing additional personnel to assist when the call load gets heavy, not to mention Jimmy will also ride calls to assist his personnel. He’s not a 9-to-5 sheriff.

He has highly qualified deputies who have the leadership, skills and experience to handle any situation. However, when the need arises, he’s out there at 3 a.m. providing his officers with his support and whatever resources that they may need.

This also gives him first-hand knowledge of the situation when you, the citizens, and the media call wanting to know the facts. It also lets the community know that he does the job you elected him to do.

Jimmy is not a smooth-talking politician. He is a people person who really cares about the citizens of this county. He’s Jimmy McDuffie first, sheriff second. As his wife, I understand the need for him to leave in the middle of dinner, to miss Christmas with his children and miss the awards his child received at school.

He’s the man I love and the right man for the job. He has proven his dedication and loyalty to this county. He has integrity. He’s professional, he’s qualified and very capable to be your sheriff for another four years.

So I ask you, will you join me and vote for Jimmy McDuffie as your sheriff of Effingham County on July 15?

Wanda McDuffie