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Pig didnt deserve such treatment
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Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my outrage at the brutal treatment of the pet pig Oliver by the suspect Benjamin Fullwood of Springfield on April 3, 2013. The first act of restoration of civility in this man’s life should be the removal of the two pit bull dogs that Fullwood instigated to attack the helpless animal. The felony charges against Mr. Fullwood are both warranted as well as appreciated.

There is a saying that a society is judged by how well a society treats its elders, and also how well it treats its animals. I do not know Mr. Fullwood, but I would be embarrassed if I did. No young person has the right to torture anyone or anything. The plight of the United States hangs on the sensibility, or lack of it, of its future generations. The brutality that Mr. Fullwood inflicted on an escaped domesticated animal, stabbing Oliver 23 times in the neck and hind quarters, is a sign of unchecked rage. To do so in front of onlooking children is a further affront to any rhyme or reason.

There may be bigger issues confronting the United States, but to let Mr. Fullwood receive anything less than the full treatment of the law in this case would be an outrage in itself. I was disgusted enough with this gutless account to offer my opinion at this time.  
I encourage the town of Springfield and the county of Effingham to take the opportunity that this sad story provides to educate the public on the acceptable treatment of all animals. The pet pig Oliver was no threat to anyone while safe and alive. His current critical state of health is a blessing to anyone who can understand what took place here. The death of innocence has an extremely high price that society must shoulder, however this story turns out.

And a word to Oliver’s caretakers: Make sure he never gets out of his space of God’s green earth ever again. That is what began this whole tragic episode. The veterinarian who saved Oliver is about the only hero here. Oliver is a symbol to all of us to ask ourselves, how do we make the world better? I suggest by showing respect to any and all that we meet.

Charles J. Kader
Massena, N.Y.