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Recent letters a refreshing change
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Dear Editor,

How refreshing to read some of the recent letters to the editor.

First of all, I want to extend my commendation to Dr. Bill Gammon of Rincon for the article entitled “Teachers are the Real Heroes.” Far too many times educators are not recognized for the time and effort they put into the lives of our kids; even sadder is that we as parents don’t always appreciate them for the many hats they must wear.

So I want to go on record to say thank you to not only Dr. Gammon but to all the educators in Effingham County. Do I always agree with everything that goes on in the educational system of Effingham? Of course not, but I do applaud each of them for the career they have chosen. It is an awesome responsibility and can be a most rewarding experience.

I believe appreciation is fast becoming a lost art. There was also an article written by Billy Dasher about Mr. Otie Tebeau. I wanted to commend him as well for paying tribute to this fine citizen of our county. My memories are not quite as extensive as Billy’s but I do remember as a young girl going to his station on occasions; and he was always quite the gentleman and friend to all.

Thank you both, Dr. Gammon and Mr. Dasher, for taking the time to publicly appreciate folks in our county.
Kim Riggs