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Red Cross needs your help
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Dear Editor,

I realize, as a volunteer, how important our drives are. I would love to see Effingham County come up with percent ratings of those that give blood. We have three locations that we have drives every two months and now with Walgreen’s in Rincon saying they would love to have the blood mobile every two months, that will be four locations.

1. Goshen Road United Methodist Church
2. Effingham Recreation Department
3. Effingham Hospital
4. Walgreen’s

South Effingham High School and Effingham County High School have drives twice a year. The amount of 16-year-olds at the two high schools, permission granted by parents, make me very proud of our young people. During the school break, I had some students that came to our drives and gave blood.

Parents of students that drive to school should remember that if their child should be in an accident, they could be in need of 10 to 100 units. These are figures that the Red Cross gave to me. My prayers are with all the students that they have a safe and good year.

If you haven’t signed and let family members know that you are an organ donor, you should think about doing so. We have three adults in Effingham County that are alive today because of organ operations.

In closing, I say let Effingham County tell the rest of the state that we in the county all care about our neighbors. Let us pull together in giving blood and being an organ donor.

God bless you and have a safe year. I can be reached at 663-4190.

Jim Miller