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Teachers are the real heroes
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Dear Editor,

School has started for Effingham County and soon the rest of the nation. Once again the unsung heroes of America will begin the process of educating our students. This is their primary calling in life, to educate and challenge young minds.

Reality check!

Our teachers will also do the following:

1. They will be possibly the only positive role model a child may have in their life.

2. They will be a friend who listens to the child. In most homes today the parents don’t listen to their kids.

3. They will attempt to teach manners to the children. The word manners is a foreign word in America today.

4. Unfortunately some teachers will be abused,.....nasty words, nasty attitudes, on the part of students. Yes, it is a reality.  

One wonders where these attitudes have come from? Home?

5.  They will be encouragers for the children.

6.  They will help them with their homework. Yes, unfortunately there are parents who don’t have time for this at home.

7.  They will instill hope in the lives of some of these children.

8.  They will be there everyday for the children. In some homes dad is never there, or in some cases mom is never there. In some cases neither one of the parents are there.

9.  They will encourage imagination, creativity and curiosity.

10. They will take them on field trips to wonderful and special places. For some children this will be the only time they will get to see a special place in Georgia or America.    

America really has messed up when it comes to who really should be paid the higher salaries. Sports personalities really don’t deserve it. CEOs of these major companies don’t deserve it. Our teachers in our schools deserve it. They have an awesome task each year to perform. Our teachers are truly the great American heroes.

Welcome back to all our teachers in Effingham County. We are proud of every one of you and the hard work you do each day.
Dr. Bill Gammon