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Veterans Park needs to be treated better
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Dear Editor,

I am a relatively new resident to Effingham County and enjoy discovering new areas of interest around the county. However, from time to time, I have been distressed at how some of the most beautiful places are neglected.

Last Saturday, a friend of mine took me to the Veterans Park of Effingham County. As we drove up, I thought, what a beautiful, peaceful place of honor for those that have served their country, our country, so courageously.

We began to walk the area only to find the pavers covered in debris and weeds growing up between the markers with names of service men who have died, and the pavers. He and I proceeded to pull up some of the weeds. But, much to our chagrin, the place was inundated with “dog poop.” We absolutely could not believe that anyone would be so crude, ungrateful, uncaring (and I could go on) as to allow their dogs to desecrate this special place.

First of all, who is in charge of maintaining the park? Why aren’t their some “No dogs allowed” signs? I had a dog for 15 years and I never, never allowed her to “do her business” on someone else’s property without cleaning it up. What kind of person does this? It’s disgraceful.

If you choose to publish this, perhaps it will touch the conscience of at least one of these people. Let’s hope.

Judy Cox