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Victim needs help with accident report
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Dear Editor,

I was involved in an accident on the afternoon of Oct. 4, 2006, around 4 p.m.  Your help is needed. As I went to pick up dinner for my daughter at McDonald’s this particular afternoon, our car was struck by a truck from the crossing traffic. When the accident happened, I was taken to the hospital. No one took my statement until six days later.

When my father picked up a copy of the police report, there was no statement from me as to what happened to me. I would greatly appreciate help from anyone who witnessed an accident in front of McDonalds on Highway 21 back in October. Please call me (912) 547-2790.

My testimony about the accident was that I left my home on Weisenbaker Road around 4 p.m., went over to Fort Howard Road and down toward McDonald’s for dinner on Oct. 4, 2006. We stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Fort Howard Road and Highway 21.

As the light turned green, I proceeded to cross over the highway and enter McDonald’s. A truck in the third lane struck us. The driver stated that he gunned it, hitting my car and causing us to spin around. I assume he was going to McDonald’s or Enmark.  

I was struck in the head and taken to the hospital. I had stitches. My statement was not taken and I need help from anyone who may have seen this accident, please call me at (912) 547-2790

Glenda Usher