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Pull one for The Gipper
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I’m trying very diligently to be patient and calm during the next 90 or so days, because that’s about all that’s left before election day.

I definitely know who I won’t be voting for, and it ain’t got nuthin’ to do with race, creed, nail color, shoe size, or sexual preference.

We’re already down on one knee as a country, weakened by the economy, a huge stimulus package that failed, and a Prez who doesn’t know shiz from shinola. God bless ’im, how could anyone have ever expected he would do a good job when he never ran a business, never worked at a Wendy’s, McDonald’s, or Taco Bell, never had to wash dishes for a living, and whether you believe it or not, was pretty much catered to all his life.

Do not buy into the stories of him having had a humble beginning.

He had parents who were college-educated.

Sure, they were both nuttier than fruitcakes, but they had a good education.

Personally, I don’t believe Barack Obama Sr. is the true father, but there are one or two other choices that make more sense.

Malcolm X or Frank Marshall Davis.

Even though Obama resembles his maternal grandfather a good deal, when he opens his mouth to speak, out steps Frank Marshall Davis.

I ain’t hatin’... I’m just sayin’....

Do we really want to give him the opportunity of four more years? Trust me, we’ll be down on both knees and beggin’ for mercy after just one more year of his “plan.”

That is not where Americans want to be or need to be.

We are being forced into a position that may take us years to recover from, if ever.

Hubs firmly believes that we’ll be so over the edge that Obama, if re-elected, will be able to declare martial law and will pretty much just run things forever from Big Brother’s Home Base.

Do you really think this Obamacare bill is going to be a good thing? Will you still feel that way when you’ve opted out and you suddenly have IRS agents showing up at your door to find out why you’ve opted out?

“If one drops out, it doesn’t work for ‘the whole’...” Socialism at its finest.

You will never be able to “opt out.” Somehow, some way, you are gonna pay. And you will pay dearly, trust me.

Of course, we all want health care that is available to all people no matter what, but it is not going to work out that way.

It just cannot.

If 17 million more people are going to be added to the health care pool, and thousands of doctors want to drop out, how long do you think you’ll have to wait to be seen by a doctor? Weeks, if not months. Many months.

And don’t believe for one minute that catastrophic illness or “pre-existing conditions” will be adhered to. It all sounds really good, but there is no way the program will work to be able to “cure” whatever ailments you may have.

Debtor’s prison will likely no longer be a thing of the past.

If you do not contribute to “the whole,” you could do jail time.

It would be one thing if the plan were mandatory for all government employees and their families, the President and members of Congress included.

But it’s not.

Why would it be? They can afford private care.

All you folks with Tri-Care? Just will be Tri-Worse Care!

How can anyone put faith in a man who denigrates the wealthy as being “unfair” to the lower classes by not paying enough into the system, and then in the next minute, turns around to join the very same at a $37,000 a plate fundraiser?

Eat. Pray. Love.

Gimme a break.

That whole ruse is so phony, and he has got to do better than that if he wants to get re-elected.

And just so you know, the government will have access to your bank information. That way they will be able to see if you are paying into a health care program or not. It’s in the health care bill.

As Amanda Donohoe told Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar”: “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

That will certainly be the case over the next four years if whatshisname gets re-elected.

Do your homework, people.

And remember to vote. If half the country is already planning to sit this one out, you’d better get to the polls and pull the lever for the person who will do right by our nation.

Right now, it’s not the man on the left.