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Serving all Georgians instead of playing politics
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Jon Burns


I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to serve my community in different ways over the years.  It has been my privilege to work with and on behalf of my neighbors. 

In recent years I have always been honored that you have trusted me to go to Atlanta every year for our General Assembly Session, where I’ve always tried to do what’s best for all Georgians, whether they voted for me or not. 

And while we have worked with Governor Kemp to accomplish much on behalf of Georgians over the last several years, there will always be work to do to keep Georgia competitive in our nation and worldwide, while ensuring opportunity isn’t limited to big cities like Atlanta and Savannah.  

The big city media isn’t always interested in the important work we do at the Gold Dome. When we hammer out tax cut legislation, or hold early morning budget hearings or late night bill debates, you may not always see them covered on the evening news.  

Unfortunately, too often some in the media seem interested in partisan witch hunts and legislative and judicial maneuvering that reflect Washington’s dysfunction, rather than with our efforts in Georgia to protect our quality of life.

Like you, I often see the news out of Washington and just shake my head at what goes on there, thankful for the efforts of our Georgia neighbors like Justice Clarence Thomas, and Representatives Rick Allen and Buddy Carter to hold the line on federal encroachment into our lives in Georgia.

That is why I’m grateful for this forum and the opportunity I have to share my thoughts and updates directly with you. When you’re frustrated with Washington, I hope you’re able to take the time to learn about the positive things we’re doing for you in Georgia. 


As election season begins in earnest over the next few weeks, I encourage you to take note of which candidates seem beholden to Washington values and Washington interests, and which candidates are putting you and your neighbors first. 

I believe if you do that, you’ll find that my Republican colleagues that serve in Georgia are seeking support here, and raising our families here, with no plans to leave you behind should Washington come calling. 

Governor Kemp and our Republican team in the General Assembly will continue to roll up our sleeves and get to work here in Georgia — whether that’s on the home front or in the political trenches as we work to keep government effective, efficient, and limited.  

Screven County

Last week, closer to home, Optim Medical Center Screven opened a new state-of-the-art emergency room, which will provide the highest level of care to patients with urgent needs. Providing quality healthcare in our rural areas remains important and this new facility will do great things for the quality of life of the citizens of Screven County!

Always remember that should you have questions, comments, or concerns about issues affecting District 159 and our region of Georgia you can always reach out to me at (404.656.5052), email, or engage on Facebook. If you would like to receive email updates, please visit my website to sign up for my newsletter or email me.

Jon Burns represents District 159 in the Georgia General Assembly, where he serves as the House majority leader.