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Session at halfway mark
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This week will approach the halfway point of the legislative session. The Senate will vote out the amended 2011 budget and join conferees of the House to work out differences.

Senate action last week

Bills introduced

SB 65: Prevents illegal workers from obtaining unemployment benefits.

SB 69-SB 75: A series of bills that establish nonpartisan elections of local officials, including district attorneys, solicitors general, sheriffs, tax commissioners, tax receivers, tax collectors, clerks of superior court, and county commissioners.

SB 80: Requires DNA collection from anyone arrested and charged with a felony. Collected samples can be destroyed upon request if charges are dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor.

SB 86: Removes the requirement that local governments and regional commissions file a comprehensive plan with the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Also ends requirement that local governments submit to regional impact reviews conducted by DCA.

SB 92: Changes early voting start date to three Saturdays before an election and establishes an ending date of the Friday before an election.

SB 94: Clarifies legal definitions of handgun and long gun and removes any misinterpreted language in previous legislation.

SB 95: Requires employers to disclose information relevant to employment of a peace officer when requested by a law enforcement agency during the hiring or certification process.

SB 96: Makes officers of the Department of Natural Resources eligible for membership in the Peace Officers’ Annuity and Benefit Fund.

SB 98: Allows weapons carry permit holders to carry firearms in additional places, including government buildings and churches.

SB 99: Prohibits covenants by homeowners’ or property owners’ associations that limit the installation of solar collector panels, photovoltaic arrays, solar lights, and skylights.

SB 103: Allows the state to borrow short-term funds totaling 5% of state revenues, but must be repaid within the fiscal year.

Passed House-Now in the Senate

HB 40: Requires addition of denatonium benzoate to antifreeze to remove the presently “sweet” taste and leave an unpalatable taste.

Bills passed

SB 37: Gives the State Properties Commission the authority to enter into multiyear lease agreements

SR 15: Continues a joint committee to evaluate water supply issues and recommend solutions

SR 84: Amends the State Constitution to allow for legislation authorizing multiyear lease agreements.

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