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Somethings gotta give...
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Funny how a sip of cabernet sauvignon brings out the taste of vanilla in a chocolate...I like that.

Been an interesting day around the farm.

I got an email from the son of the crazy nurse friend of mine. The crazy nurse is the one who came to tend me after I had surgery. Not sure what she was “on” the day and a half she stayed with me, but she was pretty well high as a kite. Funny at first, but as the hours ticked by, it was clear that she was hiding something in her purse. Pills or booze, not sure.

When she curled up on my bed, at my feet, to catnap, and then woke up 15 minutes later thinking she’d been asleep for hours, I knew something was not quite right. I suspect that vodka was lurking somewhere close by, because even though people seem to be under the impression that it doesn’t carry an odor, it carries one heck of a wallop!

I hadn’t spoken to her much recently, but Hubs and I had been talking about her over the weekend.

Her son emailed me to let me know she’d been found at her apartment, deceased.

It was exactly what I had said to Hubs ... that I hoped she wasn’t dead.

It was a total shock to the system. I called her son immediately, but he didn’t have many details as he lives on the opposite side of the country and the sheriff’s office had not yet been back in touch with him.

He knew there was to be a full autopsy, but not much more than that.

I immediately felt sorry for him and his twin brother, afraid of what they were going to be told about their mother.

It was all just so sad.

She was such a brilliant person, had a tremendous capacity for loving and laughing, but she also had her demons ... obviously.

RIP my sweet friend. I will miss your wild laugh! I am having the wine and the chocolate in remembrance of you.

Another little thing that sort of blew me out of the water...I know, imagine? Two things in one day that rock your world?

The Kid got mad at me for telling him to “put down that book.”

I stood there for a minute, mouth gaping open, thinking to myself, “Who are you?”  Normally I’m yelling at him to “Read!”

He had written me a note a couple of weeks ago, asking me to order some books for him, which I did of course, because it was such an unusual request.

He’s been voraciously reading one of the books, a Star Wars book that contains zombies “and gore,” so naturally it’s right up his alley. I haven’t seen him read a book so quickly since the last installment of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

I even let him put off doing some schoolwork in order for him to read a little further on into the book.

He eventually put the book down, straightened out his bathrobe ala Hugh Hefner and said, “OK. Let’s get this schoolwork over with...”.

I stood there looking at him like he’d just grown two heads. One of those heads was the one that made sense to me, the other head was the one that usually argues about having anything to do with schoolwork. The arguing head was sound asleep. He’d soothed the savage beast by reading a book.

I had a look at the book to see how much more of it he has left to read, and it’s likely he will complete it in one more hour of reading.

There is a trilogy waiting on the desk for him, and it’s supposed to be not quite as gruesome, but equally as intriguing as the book he’s nearly finished.

Now if I could just get him to be as focused on ratios and pre-algebra.

Chances are it would only create interest if a zombie was teaching the course.

And today, that sounds like me.