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Spoiled brats are all over
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There are many people who care about the ongoing saga of Paris Hilton going to jail. I do not. She is simply a spoiled rich brat who has never taken responsibility for anything in her life. But I do care about the millions of people who are spoiled by the privileges of this country, and those who overestimate the ability of government to allow them to continue to abdicate their personal responsibility. These brats are ruining this country.

Desert Storm was a war that lasted a few months and 363 U.S. lives were lost. The enemy was easy to identify, the objective was easy to understand and the successful high-tech military solution was easy for the media to report.

There is nothing easy about our war against Islamic fascism.

We now have an enemy that is hard to identify, multiple objectives that are difficult for many people to comprehend and successes that are difficult to squeeze into a news media sound bite. So the media resorts to reporting only deaths, destruction and human suffering, which causes people to get war weary. People then want a quick and easy solution to a difficult war, so they respond to the first politician running for national office who proposes a quick and unrealistic solution such as cut-and-run or a date-certain withdrawal.

The U.S. economy has been running strong for over four years because of lower taxes, despite some politicians telling people that it is not a good economy. People who believe this nonsense are dangerous, because they really do believe that the answer to sustaining our economy and the runaway spending is higher taxes on the rich. Fifty percent of the taxpayers pay 97 percent of the income taxes, and you are one of the lucky payers if your income is $30,000 a year or more.

Even though the political “pied pipers” of prosperity never define “rich” or how much new programs will cost, the liberal brats continue to dance along and elect them to office.

It is dangerous when people do not understand what causes gasoline prices to go up and think the government should control prices. Every time government has tried to control prices on anything it has failed miserably. Most anti-free-market brats never learned this in school, or if they did, they chose to forget. As a result, they will vote for the candidate who will promise them the most “stuff” from the government or the most “regulations to nowhere.” That’s dangerous.

In certain regions of the country, it is hurricane season. The National Hurricane Center sponsored a poll to determine people’s readiness if they were hit by a hurricane. Fifty-three percent of the respondents did not feel vulnerable to a hurricane, 20 percent feel government should provide food, water, medicine and shelter if they are hit by a hurricane and 16 percent would defy orders to evacuate if warned. This is not spoiled, this is just plain stupid, and sometimes you just can’t fix stupid.

I live in Georgia, which is experiencing a drought, and the state has watering restrictions to conserve water until we get some badly needed rain to replenish our lakes and reservoirs. One property owner who objects to the restrictions was quoted in a news report saying, that since he pays for the water he should be able to use as much as he wants. I presume that if the water completely runs out, he will expect the government to make rain. And these people are allowed to vote.

Each time I have traveled outside the United States, I always return with a renewed sense of appreciation for the freedoms and privileges we have despite our problems and issues. I have heard many similar comments by others who have spent some time in other parts of the world. So in some ways it is easy to understand why so many people take so many things for granted.

Even though it is impractical to send every citizen on an AA (Appreciate America) rehab program or require them to take a kindergarten-level economics class, one would think that common sense would kick in at some point in their sense of reality. But, on second thought, brats have no sense of reality about privileges, liberties and self-responsibility.

Maybe we should just send all the liberal brats to jail with Paris Hilton.

We can only dream.