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The devil is in the details
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I feel sorry for people who don’t use, or are afraid of, the Internet.

When you go online and look up news articles, the most interesting part, at times, is reading all the comments that people get to post about the article. Sometimes the comments alone are a better read than the news item.

People even get into little squabbles amongst themselves while posting their comments, which to me is really absurd.

I was reading about the Lockerbie bomber being “close to death” and there were pretty well two very defined camps commenting on this loser.

One camp was the defiant he-was-just-a-patsy camp, defending him with all their hearts and souls, and the other camp were those who wanted to help push him over to the other side, wanting him to just hurry up and die and be done with it, and various comments about how worthless he is.

The Defiant Ones were accusing the Death Pushers of being lemmings and believing anything the media/government said about this guy whereas the Death Pushers couldn’t care less. They felt he was the man behind the plan.

The barbs and the slings and the arrows...all too funny.

Then I went on to read about Al Gore and how he felt that anyone who was a Global Warming/Climate Change denier might as well be lumped in with racists, because they don’t believe it exists. Again, Mr. Gore leaves another carbon footprint by opening his mouth and expelling tons of methane gas. He is a human cow pie.

(Read above, this is “Opinion”...sorry if I hurt your feelings, but that is my opinion of Mr. Gore).

And give me a break with this “carbon footprint” baloney.

Electric cars ... they leave a carbon footprint, don’t let anyone fool you.

The hype on electric cars is that they don’t require as much oil or gas, but you plug that sucker into an electrical outlet to charge the battery? Hello! There’s your stupid carbon footprint, not to mention a higher electric bill.

Get real, people.

Now, I watched a show the other day, some kind of documentary on HBO I think. Maybe it was Showtime. Whatever.

It was called “Motel Kids.” Oh, and it was on HBO.

Alexandra Pelosi was the gal behind the camera.

Pelosi. Yes, as in Nancy.

I felt terrible for the kids that have to live in motels that are also housing drug dealers and sex offenders.

What really drove me nuts, and apparently it drove many other people nuts, was the way Ms. Pelosi handled herself while talking to these children.

One of the most offensive questions she asked was, “Why do you think God wants you to be homeless?”

My chin still hurts from where it hit the floor.

My instinctive reaction was to yell the “B” word at the television.

I was just flabbergasted.

These poor kids, some of whom have parents who aren’t worth the dog crap they step over, had to be asked that question and one little gal said, “God gives me what I need. I may not get extra, but he gives me everything I need. I may want to have something extra, but he makes sure I get a bed to sleep in and food to eat.”

Then Ms. Pelosi asked an 8-year-old tow-headed cutie pie, “What do you have to look forward to?”

The gal sat there nibbling on a cookie or something and said, “Nothing.”

“What do you mean ‘nothing’?”

That’s right, Ms. Pelosi. Just rub it in.

“I have nothing to look forward to. Nothing. Ever. Nothing.”

I could almost picture Ms. Pelosi standing up with her hands on her hips, nodding her head going, ‘That’s right ... you got nuthin!’

They filmed a day at the beach with the kids ... and of course, had to pan right to get the beachside mansions in the shot as well.

Where was the shot of the Pelosi mansions that are scattered across California?

And why didn’t Ms. Pelosi pony up when the Hope School — where most of these kids attend — lost some funding and two of the teachers were let go?

Money talks, you know what walks.

However, there are people who stood up and took notice.

One of them was chef Bruno Serato.

He came to the U.S. as an immigrant 30 years ago and had to work from the ground up to get to where he is today.

When his mother, Caterina, came to visit him in Anaheim from Italy, they went to the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim where his mother spoke to a young boy who was eating a bag of potato chips. He told her that was to be his dinner that night.

Caterina told Bruno he needed to step up to the plate and “make the pasta!”

He began feeding 70 children every day, seven days a week.

That number is now up to 200.

Even though there was a time when his restaurant was suffering due to the economy, he kept feeding the kids.

His restaurant recovered and he continues to feed the kids, seven nights a week. He is now serving at two locations and is encouraging all types of restaurants to join him in feeding the kids.

You don’t need to worry about climate change, or global warming, or the Lockerbie bomber, but you do need to worry about people like Alexandra Pelosi.

She’s like her mom in a way ... wants to show you what’s wrong with our country but not willing to make things right.

But God saw what she was up to, and stepped in for those kids by way of Bruno Serato.

If Bruno and Caterina can help those kids go to bed with a full belly at night, then God is doing what he does best: Lookin’ out for us.