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Whos on the playing field?
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In talking about current events, Hubs and I embarked on the topic of the mosque that the Imam wants to build near the site of Ground Zero.
Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t want to investigate where the funds are coming from to build it, and really, why would he care? It’s going to mean jobs and money for New York City, which is more than our government is doing for anyone.
The public is upset that the Muslims are so determined to have that particular spot, and rightly so.
Why won’t they build it somewhere else that isn’t quite so close?
Why are they wanting to build it as an homage to those killed? Are they talking about the terrorists they want to honor, or the thousands of innocent people whose lives were simply evaporated? 
Well, if they really want to stir up the dirt on that block, I think someone like Larry Flynt ought to get in on the action and open up a strip parlor on one side and an “adult” bookstore on the other.
Hello! Welcome to New York City, y’all!
That might be something for the imam to chew on for a little bit.
Another thing we discussed is what the soldiers leaving Iraq are going to do when they get home. Are they going to get pinkslips from our less-than-enamored-with-the-military administration, or will they send those troops out to defend our borders?
It’s not just the border along Texas and Arizona, either.
We are getting illegals crossing over any and every boundary they can, but it’s the south of the border illegals that the public is focused on. 
Why is that? It’s because the folks who come in from Mexico seem to be more violent than the folks coming from anywhere else.
For the time being.
We aren’t sure how many undocumented Middle Easterners there are.
No offense, but its not the Mexicans who are blowing up buildings and airplanes.
Think about the illegals who first go to Canada and then filter down into the U.S., going unnoticed. It’s not as bad as coming in through California, Arizona, and Texas — or even Florida — but we do not have rigid standards in place.
And Hillary Clinton bashing Arizona for violating “human rights”? Is she nuts? Of course she is.
What utter gall to be apologizing to the U.N. for the United States being violators of human rights.
What other country gives away free everything to undocumented workers and illegal aliens? None. They’d boot you right out and make sure you didn’t get back in.
Try to be an unemployed U.S. citizen and make a visit to the local doctor.
Good luck.
Are Americans becoming a true minority in our own country?
Yes, we are.
Is the current administration helping that along?
Yes, it is.
I really feel sorry for anyone who voted for the current administration.
As the now famous poster of G.W. Bush says, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”
How is that working for any of us?
Not very well.
Has anyone benefitted from the TARP ... the Stimulus Package ... have any of your neighbors looked in the employment section lately and seen new jobs being created?
I have to admit, they are opening up a BevMo down the street from me.
It’s a liquor warehouse, basically. Taking over the old Thomasville Furniture store that went belly up because no one in this town could afford the prices.
BevMo may have a job for me, because I can sweep a floor and answer a phone.
The problem is, I am also over 50, don’t have a green card, and the only foreign language I can speak is English.
The Kid is learning how to speak Spanish at school. It’s mandatory.
He isn’t happy about it, but I am.
It means he has a better chance of getting a job than I do.