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Lost Plantation makes adjustments for COVID-19

RINCON — Lost Plantation Golf Course is carefully offering a respite from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are taking precautions on our end to make the course and the way of play a little more touchless,” Lost Plantation Operations Manager Nancy Head said. “What I mean by that is people utilizing their own equipment, their own golf balls and bags.”

The course has been altered to provide additional safety.

“We are installing a lift in all the cups so that when the golf ball goes into the cup it doesn’t go deep down into the cup,” Head said. “It’s kind of elevated so you can reach it and pick up the ball without touching anything except for your ball.”

The sand traps aren’t as picturesque as normal but that is because Head wants to eliminate as much contact with equipment as possible.

“... We removed all the trap rakes because, when you hit your ball into the sand trap, it is golf etiquette to take up the trap rake and rake out the sand you walked in to,” she said. “If it ends up in the trap, you just keep going on your way. We will have the maintenance (staffers) come out and rake when they do.”

The Lost Plantation team has also implemented a no-contact option when it comes to scheduling tee times.

“We are initiating booking online where people can pay over the phone and then come in and then we have our keys to all of our carts separated where the player can come and get the key off the board,” Head said. “There is no contact from the purchaser, the player and the golf cart staff.”

Small groups are encouraged to use their own equipment.

“We can put people in their own cart but, even when you are playing with a foursome, you are not touching each other,” Head said. “You are touching your own equipment and your own ball. The only interaction you have is getting back into the cart and sitting next to each other.”

And for those who are new to the game or simply want to take part in a golf session, Jimmy Powell, the newest addition to Lost Plantation Golf, will be on hand to help.

“We have a gentleman coming in that’s going to be starting more clinics and lessons and one on one,” Head said. “And there again, you are not touching each other. There is no physical interaction. 

“It’s you, your club and your ball.”