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Bringing work-based learning to Career Day
0210 workbasedlearning
Christina Jones, Lacy McLaurin and Andrew Tillotson of South Effingham High Schools work-based learning program talk to Ebenezer Middle School students on how they can work and go to school at the same time. - photo by Photo provided

South Effingham High School work-based learning students participated in the Ebenezer Middle School Career Day on Jan. 19 by showcasing their jobs with eighth grade students.

Becky Truluck, the work-based learning coordinator for SEHS, explained to the rising freshmen the opportunities available to the students and the process for applying to the program. The students were told this was a program they could look forward to participating in during their junior and senior year.

Christina Jones, a senior at SEHS, works at Dr. Ramos’ pediatric office in Savannah. She explained to the students she is in a paid position, allowing her to receive pay for the time she is away from the school campus during school hours, and she also receives school credit.  Jones explained to the students the classes she completed to be able to participate in the work-based learning program, and she also gave some real life scenarios that she had taken part in on her job.

Lacy McLaurin, a senior at SEHS, works at Weekday Ministries in Rincon and is also paid for the time she works when she is not on the school campus. She explained her job duties to the students, the classes she took at SEHS that relate to her job, and also emphasized how she completes continuing education through her employer on the weekends. She explained to the students that learning for her job does not stop with her high school classes.

Andrew Tillotson, a senior at SEHS, explained to the students he has been in the work-based learning program for two years, entering the program the summer before his junior year of high school.  He works in the engineering department at Gulfstream Aerospace and also gets paid for his time away from the school campus. Tillotson explained the classes a student must take at the high school level to work in an engineering position. He explained the duties of his job at Gulfstream and also demonstrated a 3D presentation to the students that he helps to maintain on his job.

One of his co-workers from Gulfstream Aerospace, Derek West, volunteered his time to help facilitate with the 3D presentation.

Tillotson’s plans after high school are to attend Georgia Southern University (GSU) to complete his engineering degree.  He hopes that after his high school graduation, he can work as an intern through Gulfstream while attending GSU. He also hopes to work full time with Gulfstream if a position comes open upon graduating from GSU.

SEHS students or parents who are interested in more information on the work-based learning program, should Becky Truluck at 728-7511, ext 1343, or email her at